Music Review Lords Of Black CD: II

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Frontiers Records
Available: 18th March 2016
Official Website:   
Well there’s no way around this, this album is just fantastic. This album is easily album of the year material. You may remember how excited I was to be given the opportunity to check out Frontiers albums. Only for the first one to be a bit under cooked (although a few friends from the rock community enjoyed it, so I did wonder if I was missing something). But this release by Lords Of Black really does make up for it. A Second release actually but a first time discovery.

It’s difficult to find albums that are near perfection and this one is very close to that. The vocals, the instruments, the theme of the songs, it’s all brilliant. The type of metal album that I enjoy which is symphonic, progressive power metal. It’s hard to believe that it’s only 3 guys that make this music. A guy for all the vocals, a guy for all the strings, and a guy for all the keys/drums. There are plenty of bands out there with a full line up that can only produce 2 good songs per album at best. Yet these guys nail everything near flawlessly. There is plenty here for every rock and metal fan to enjoy. The 2 songs that strike me the most are ‘New World’s Coming’ and ‘Cry No More’. ‘New World’s Coming’ for what appears to be a bit of a apocalyptic melodic theme type song, and ‘Cry No More’ for talking about the dark side of being a hero of some kind.
In every country there is always that one metal opera type band that can claim to be the best in their lands. The UK: Iron Maiden, Germany: Avantasia, Finland: Nightwish, Sweden: Sabaton/Civil War, Japan: X Japan. For Spain Lords Of Black can now officially claim that title for themselves.
Normally the Skullbanger staff get free downloads for the albums we write about. but due to pirating issues I can only stream this one, which I can completely understand. This puts me in a position where I’m going to scrape up some spare cash when the album comes out so I can buy it myself (and maybe the first one to). I strongly recommend that you all do as well because Spain has delivered a gem.

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