Interview Deathwood

Interview about Deathwood, Horror Punk rock band from Italy.


Greetings guys! How things are going?
G1: Hi guys! Things are going great! In the past few months we were quite busy with the band activity; we are working on the new videoclip, setting our tour dates, getting done our merchandising, and playing, of course!

You call yourself a Horror-Punk Rock band. What influences are behind all these?
The Butcher: Our influences come from the classic Misfits and calabrese, going through the punk of social distortion and the melodic hard-core of Bad Religion, ending in the rock’n’roll from 50’s. All of that get mixed with the extra ideas given to us from horror movies, myths and legends belonging to our land.

2014 was the year you have signed with the Italian label Overdub where you have also released ‘’…And If It Were True?’’. Talk about it.
Freak M: Our label “boss”, Marcello, got to us at first,suddenly, we could never thank him enough. He declared himself fascinated by our project and the job done so far. We found positively interesting be part of OverDub, a label involved with different genres.


What does the cover artwork suggests and who is the artist who made it?
Buz: The cover of “…And if it were true?” is inspired by the title itself. An old man, a creepy storyteller, scaring a bunch of teenagers, sitting around a bonfire. And, what if all those stories were true? The realization of the artwork was entrusted to Eeriette ( with whom we had already worked overtime with great results.

Have you received nice reviews for this release?
Freak M: Yes, we have! Some positive reviews. The album is appreciated for the sounds, and this thanks to Davide Rosati, Acme recording studio.

There exist other releases of the band?
The Butcher: Yes, there are. On 2012 the first EP “ Deathwood”, four tracks that can be also found on the major digital stores. Besides, on our YouTube channel you can find three videoclips, plus a cover of Dion and The Belmonts.

Are you going on a tour soon?
Buz: Absolutely! We are planning a autumn tour around Europe. Meanwhile we try to play more than we can in Italy. Playing gigs should be every band’s aim. Remember…everyplace is deathwood!

You got aswell some awards. What were these for?
G1: On 2013 we won the MYO Survival War as the best punk-hardcore band. But on 2015 we won the AQ Music Festival. At the moment we are working hard to make the most of the opportunity given by the prize won: a new EP recorded in the Jamrock Records studios…we have funny things going through our minds!

Not asking about the metal stuff, but asking about the Rock scene in Italy, what do you think about it?
Buz: Where we are from, the rock-punk-metal scene is quite active; what we miss are stages! On the other hand the culture about this genre is poor, most of the audience is easily following the pop scene, radio hits, whatever! This trend leads managers to prefer tribute or cover bands walking on stage. The underground bands found themselves in the same situation playing outside Italy!

A last question, do you have something to tell for the readers/fans?
G1: To the readers we ask to listen to our music, watch our videos, be curious and to the fans,we hope to personally meet all of you!

Thank you for your time, cheers and all the best to you!
The band: Thanks to you that gave us some space and time…



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