Interview Franceso Marras

Here is an interview I had with Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadows, Black Demons) about himself, the music projects is he involved and others.


Ciao Francesco, how have you been? As the readers to know about you, first tell me when have you debuted.
Hey you all! My name is Francesco Marras and I’m a guitarist, composer and session musician. I discovered metal music listening Iron Maiden’s album “Piece of mind” when i was 8 and I started to play guitar at the age of 11. I recorded my first work in 1998 with the band that after a couple of years change the name into Screaming Shadows.

At the moment, you are active in bands such as Screaming Shadows and Black Demons. When have you joined these bands?
I’m the Screaming Shadows founder member and the first time we used that name was in 2001, we realized 4 albums, the last one comes out in 2011. Black Demons are one of my studio projects born in 2009, we recorded a mini cd and a full lenght album entitled “Eternal return”. I’m involved in a lot of projects, my last one is a hard rock band named “Francesco Marras’ Stone Circles Project”, the whole album is listanable on you tube.

In 2012 you have released your debut solo album entitled ”Black Sheep”. Talk about this release.
I think it’s the dream of every lead guitar player to record an instrumental solo album, even if I see my self more like a guitarist of a band. I did not record it for my ego, but for the need to play different kind of music and express myself at 100%. I composed the songs between 2009 and 2011. In this album I had the great pleasure to play with one of my favourite drummers in the world, John Macaluso, on the song “Black sheep”.

Not only Black Demons and Screaming Shadows, but you have collaborated with a few good artists such as Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania), Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, Mastercastle), John Macaluso (Y. Malmsteen) and many others; aswell, you are studio producer, lyrics writer…
I love to collaborate with guest musicians on my music, it’s amazing how they can emprove it and give you a different view of the song. In my carrer I collaborated with Jason Rullo (Symphony X), i recorded several albums for bands such as Verde Lauro, Revolution Road, Mariagela Demurtas, Moonland ft. Lenna Kuurmaa and many more,played live with: Angelica Rylin (The murder of my sweet) at Frontiers Festival II the last year; Ricardo Amorim (Moonspell), Yossi Sassi, Tarald Lie Jr and Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania); Toby Hitchcock (Pride of Lions), and many more… I also compose songs for other bands, as I did for one song for the Revolution Kings album ( with Craig Goldy, Vinnie Appice, etc).


You are gladly interested to join new bands, even when a band is searching for a band member. Do you look for example for the band’s genre?
I’m a versatile musician, for recording session I can record every kind of music, but if I had to join a band I look for an hard rock or metal band. I work a lot as a session musician, I like to play with people far from me, discovering every time new music and new things.

What are your personal influences?
First of all Iron Maiden, their music is the reason why I’m a musician today… Then I discovered Malmsteen, Symphony X, Guns n Roses, Def Leppard and many more. I prefer to play melodic rather than technical riffs, solo or songs, I love the guitar arrangements of albums like Def Leppard’ Adrenalize…

Endorsed by BC Rich mainly, what other gears are you using?
I also use Morley pedals and D’Addario strings

With who you were on stage last time and where people can see you live soon?
My last show was in Naples with Toby Hitchcock, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Nicola Mazzucconi and Marco Di Salvia for the Frontiers Records’ 20th Anniversary privae party…The next show will be at the Frontiers Festival III, the 24th of April…

What are the next plans?
I’m working on my next new instrumental solo album, but i’m producing the songs by my self one by one, always working with different guest musicians and producing a recording sessions video for you tube… For the next song I’m working with the drummer/produced and friend Daniel Flores, it will be available very soon. Also the songs Zion, Close your eyes and Soul collector will be on the next album.

Do you have a message for the people who support your music?
Thank you so much for your support, it’s very important for me! When I started to play in a band there wasn’t internet and I think it’s a very good thing to pomote your own music, it allows you to reach for people far away from your own country. That’s the reason why my albums are available on Yutube for free.

Thank you Francesco for this interview, it was my pleasure talking with you. All the best and hope to see you soon!
Thanks a lot for the interview, I hope to see you soon too! For more more info about my work please visit my fb page and my Yutube channel.

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