Music Review: Cold Raven CD: Equilibrium and Chaos


Available: NOW

Label: Sliptrick Records

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First things first before I write this review, I have never been a black metal fan, I probably will never fully grasp the genre.  On occasion I will hear one that has some cool riffs here and there but by and large the appeal of this genre never captured my imagination other than the visuals and lyrical themes.  The music itself I always thought was utter shit, especially the vocals.  That being said, I do understand the genre has a very dedicated fan base and that there is an audience for it. So I do try to keep an open mind and will try to review some bands from the genre on occasion with the hopes one will surprise me. 

This brings us to Cold Raven’s ‘Equilibrium and Chaos’.

Did this album surprise me?  Well yes and no.  On one hand I was really pleased with the production of the album and the originality of the songs in terms of riffs and music as a whole.  This made the entire album in and of itself, listenable and dare I say enjoyable (partly, I still got a little bored as the album went on).  Yes we have the lacerated by razor blades sounding vocals, some typical one note shredding black metal stuff and blast beats but overall Cold Raven seems to have put effort into writing some songs that had at least some catchy music in it.  I know, for a lot of black metal fans being catchy is the ultimate sin.  Well whatever, I for one want to hear a song that has a riff or hook that pulls me in.  If you don’t like that, will fine there are plenty of other bands out there that will suck for you.

I can’t say Cold Raven made me a black metal fan but at least Cold Raven put out a black metal album that I could tolerate and for me that is a win.

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