Concert Review: Children of Bodom; Nashville, Tennessee; Feb. 12th 2016

Photos and report by: Melody Ryan


Right around Valentine’s Day, Nashville experienced quite a romantic night. It was filled with passionate dancing, beautiful long hair swishing around, synchronized to the lovely melodies swirling through the air. Drinks flowed freely, laughter and shouts filled the air, and Exit/In was full of people wrapped in the blissful joy and undeniable love of….. metal.

I’m talking about the Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos Tour… wasn’t it obvious?

This was a pretty fun show that featured three fantastic thrashy melodic death metal bands one after the other. It was an interesting lineup, because each of these bands formed about 10 years apart, each being from a different generation of metal. 



Hydrawolf from Owensboro, KY formed in 2012 and is the youngest of the three bands. They started off the show and had some cool ideas thrown on top of typical death metal and several breakdowns I couldn’t help but headbang to. Vocalist Ozzie Munoz tended to face the back throughout the performance instead of engaging with the audience, which bothered me a little. And I’m not exactly sure what happened, but at the end of the show he turned around, and his face was covered in blood.  I couldn’t tell if this was a genuine accident or if it was theatrics. Either way, it was an intense and engaging performance from an up and coming metal band you should keep an eye out for.

Second to play was Havok from Denver, CO who have been playing together since 2004.


These guys were incredible and played super fast, tight thrash metal on pointy guitars. They had long, crazy hair, yelled about politics, and embodied the look of a typical metal band. From start to finish, these guys performed immaculately together and played a really impressive set.  If you wanna catch a show of theirs, they are currently on tour with Megadeth for the Dystopia World Tour 2016.

Children of Bodom headlined the show, and coming to Tennessee all the way from Espoo, Finland, they brought a huge crowd of people who have most certainly been following this band devotedly for years. Children of Bodom have been a part of the death metal scene since 1993 and have just released their ninth studio album I Worship Chaos. Having recently lost guitarist Latvala who had been with them for about a decade, Children of Bodom announced just recently the addition of Daniel Freyberg on guitar. They played a great show, and I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm they have been able to maintain after playing together for over 20 years. I have always enjoyed metal that incorporates keys into the music. Keyboardist

Alexi Laiho Of Children of Bodom

Janne Wirman was entertaining to watch, as he would bust out a ridiculous solo on the keys and then casually walk away to drink some water and hang out for a bit before returning to play some more. 

Overall, I was impressed by all of the groups who played, although for me, I can only take so much death metal before it all begins to blend together.  These three bands together in one show was just enough for me, and Havok and Hydrawolf were perfect complementary bands to lead up to the classic melodic thrash of Children of Bodom. 

Children of Bodom are also joining Havok, Suicidal Tendencies, and Megadeth for the Dystopia World Tour 2016 if you are looking to see them perform this year.


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