Music Review: Regicide: CD: Fall of an Empire


BY: TJ Fowler

Label: Nasty Mammoth Records

Available: Now

Official Websites:


It isn’t often I the metal world gets traditional styled metal from newer bands coming out of America.  Metal, by contemporary definition anyway, coming from the States usually comes in two forms.  One is some kind of hardcore screaming and BRUTAL vocals with no melody or it’s a band that is bordering on emo and contain vocalists who try to scream and also try to sound like they can sing…and without much melody.  Mostly I consider most metal from the States shit these days.  So when I get the chance to hear a band from the States who claim to be of a more traditional mold I am always happy to try and give them a listen in the hopes that some traditional metal and just traditional songwriting skills may still be alive there.  This brings us to Regicide and their new album ‘Fall of an Empire’.

While applaud the band for going back to the roots of thrash on Fall of an Empire I think the album suffers a bit in a few areas.  Musically, Regicide is pretty solid and they can spit out some pretty cool thrash riffs.  The guitars are pretty killer, the bassist is even showcased in some songs and he is pretty solid as well as the drums.  If you are a fan of the old thrash bands of the mid to late 80’s then you know what you will get with Regicide, or at least to some degree.  My big complaint here is the singer as he seems to just scream out the words or speak them without any kind of musical intonation in his voice at all.  The way the album is mixed as well doesn’t help the singer’s cause either.  It almost sounds as if the singer is disconnected from the rest of the band.  I know in studios many bands record themselves separately but when all that is put together it needs to sound like the band is playing as a unit not some guy singing in an isolated booth with backing music.  The heart and soul of being a metal band is sounding like you are all working as a single unit.  I didn’t get that feeling from this album.

The songwriting itself is ok on Fall of an Empire.  It isn’t bad but it isn’t going to blow away a listener either.  Regicide has some good elements within their band but they have some glaring problems they are going to have to address as well such as the singer and some production issues.  If the band hopes to advance further these issues will need to be addressed.

Still better than Asking Alexandria and Bring Me the Horizon though.

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