Music Review Inglorious CD: Inglorious

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Frontiers Music
Available: 19th February 2016
Official Website:
Very pleased to be given an album from Frontiers, as they have a good track record in my opinion. Their one of the labels that like to treasure classic rock all through out Europe. And this album is a debut album by a band many will only be hearing for the first time.
So the quick run down is that it’s nothing new. It’s the same classic rock we’ve all heard 100 times before. Most songs pretty much sound the same. For these reasons this record sounds basic. Not basic in a sense that it’s simple music playing but basic because in how all the songs are set up. Maybe that’s what the fans of this side are going to want when they discover this, and maybe those are the type of fans that this is aimed for. I have a strong feeling that this was defiantly how the band wanted it to be and how they like to perform. The music is great, the lyrics are well written and all the guys are on top form. I especially enjoy the story themed lyrics that remind us of songs and themes by the likes of Rainbow and Dio (only a bit stripped down). It’s also a very good record to be played as back ground music at a rock bar.
It was a bit difficult to really pick things to talk about because of how  basic it is. But I do think that this album is worth a listen to at least once and for a debut piece it’s a very good starting point. I really do hope it only goes up for the guys from here.

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