CONCERT REVIEW: Helloween, Turku, Finland 2016


Report and photos: Samuli Keskitalo

Germany is a wonderful country for many reasons. And one of those main reasons are their strong roots on power- and heavy metal. Many classic bands, who are still running strongly, but also many new-comers every year. Helloween is one of those classic ones in this genre and for example their co-headlining tours with Gamma Ray has been a truly ”a dream come true” situation for many power metallers. Right now we have again that kind of lovely situation – a Helloween & Rage co-headlining tour. A three week lasting European tour, which contains two shows in Finland. I went to Turku to see one and when I hit the road back home I was happy like every other time after a Helloween concert. So  again, the show was strong and good.

DSC_0153The night started with a melodic heavy metal blast from Sheffield, UK. Crimes Of Passion, also known as C.O.P. UK, who delivered truly catchy and very melodic heavy metal. I didn’t know much about this one before the night, but after a few songs I noticed, that I’m gonna like them very much. A singer was a guy named Dale Radcliffe, where the stage was like a second home to him.  Also the other musicians made their best that night, especially Scott Jordan on bass guitar. It was nice and such a pleasure to see that kind of energy and cheerfulness. You’ve got my support, see you on your own headlining show in Finland!

I listened to Rage a lot a few years ago, but honestly I have to say, that I haven’t been much into the band lately and the last two full-lenght’s I’ve missed. Rage played their new song from their My Way EP and that sounded like what Rage does, strong and pretty catchy. Rage also has two new musicians now and a man on the guitar (Marcos Rodriguez) was one of the stars this night. He also made a few nice little tricks and licks with his guitar. This band has always been a creation of it’s main man Peter ”Peavy” Wagner and he seemed to be very happy to play that night and said many times thank you to wonderful audience. A nice little surprise was, when they made a little sing-along during the last song Higher Than The Sky and playd at the same time Holy Diver and Sweet Home Alabama both classic songs. Nice work, Rage.


Helloween started their show directly at ten p.m. The Walls Of Jericho intro tape played before Eagle Fly Free and Dr. Stein. Two songs, which are in my opinion played out, but in the live situation they of course still work. Before the title track from the newest record (My God-Given Right) singer and amazing showman Andi Deris made a little speech. I find that title track one of the best songs on that record, but still there would be many other ones, which would be also nice to hear and see. Creatures In Heaven, for example.

DSC_0298My God-Given Right came out last year, but Helloween has not been playing much from that record. That night we had two more from that album, Lost In America and Heroes. Especially that last one worked great. Maybe it should be a starter song on the setlist as well?

The setlist contained a nice selection of good songs like Mr. Torture, Steel Tormentor and a couple of songs from Straight Out Of Hell album. I’m a huge fan of Andi’s Helloween songs and Waiting For The Thunder is one of the best. It also works really great live. Some other highlights that night was Where The Rain Grows after Dani Löble’s drum solo. I also think it was the first time, when I heard that song completely, not a part of the medley. It was much better this way this time and it seemed to be that there was many other people, who felt the same. After Power, Lost In America, Forever & One (Neverland) we had that medley, which has been part of the Helloween show for a long time. It contained songs Halloween, Sole Survivor, I Can, Are You Metal and Keeper Of The Seven Keys.

The Time Of The Oath is one of the biggest highlight of Andi’s era Helloween and there’s DSC_0317plenty of good songs which haven’t been played ever, or at least in a long time. This time the encore had a very good surprise, Before The War. Markus Grosskopf will always been one of my favorite musicians and how he acted during this song was cool.

There was a couple old songs in the end and that’s it. I can always recommend to go see a Helloween show. Of course there’s always many opinions about the setlist but I can pretty sure bet that every Helloween show serves a good time at a metal concert with great musicians on the stage. One of the Germany’s finest.


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