Interview No Man Eyes

Interview about No Man Eyes, an Italian heavy metal band.


Hello Andrew, how have you been?
Hi Carla, hi everybody! I’m fine.

When was No Man Eyes formed?
Well, No Man Eyes was formed in 2011 after the split of my previous band (Graveyard Ghost), things were not working well and refreshing the lineup was the best thing to do. We decided to change our monicker because almost all band components changed (being myself and drummer Michele Pintus the ones left); after almost one year of struggling to find a final lineup we welcomed Alessandro Asborno at the bass and underground veteran Fabio Carmotti as vocalist. We have been united and strong since then.

You have released the debut album in 2013 under the name of “Hollow Man”. What can you tell me about it?
The majority of Hollow Man songs had been written by me during the last Graveyard Ghost years, therefore they were carried over into No Man Eyes. The new bandmembers liked the songs and we started recording immediately, however I cannot say there is a real contribution by the other guys (except Michele), so even if I consider all songs good and enjoyable (and with a strong message on themes I like – e.g. individualism, our role in the world, the meaning of existence…), I feel there is something missing.

Are you going to release a new album soon?
Yes, we will release during February 2016 our second CD, titled ‘Cosmogony’, which represents a huge leap forward for us and for the definition of our style. Songs are bolder, faster, nastier, with huge choruses and I can’t wait to know what fans think about them. The CD will be released through a young and very hard working italian label, Diamonds Prod. Records ( that is doing an outstanding work.

What about the band’s influences?
Our music is the exact mixture of the metal genres we like most. Our drummer Michele is crazy for technical death metal, and that’s the way he plays (think about The Agonist, Soilwork, and other stuff), I am equally divided between a deep love for Malmsteen licks (well that’s the idea at least ahahah) and a passione for modern guitar players riffing (above all, the mighty Jeff Loomis); Alessandro is a fan of neoclassical and power/prog metal, and Fabio likes both classic and modern heavy metal with clean vocals (from the 80s to this day). Mix everything together and you have a sort of ‘extreme power metal’ or ‘power/death metal’, even if we don’t like definitions like these and we prefer presenting ourselves as just ‘heavy metal’ for not sounding big headed.

Any lyrical themes?
Yeah, a lot of themes, we value lyrics very much. Overall, I am an ‘overthinking’ kind of person and this reflects into NME lyrics (I’m the author of them all). In many of Cosmogony songs there is a strong focus on the idea of God and on atheism, as you can see on the front cover there is a star rising from beneath a planet, well for me that symbolizes the rise of reason over the darkness of dogmas, yet the title indicates the myth of creation as described in all sacred books, and it’s a sort of ironical thing, because what for me is the beauty of the Universe, for others is the expression of something superior. It’s very personal (maybe too much) and the result of years of self reasoning, but I just had to put it into music. Then there is science fiction, there are even three songs that seem like plots for sci-fi movies, for instance in ‘Blossoms of Creation’ all human beings take their hands and begin living as a whole creature, that unfortunately is alone in the universe; ‘Huracan’ is the creator of Maya according to their sacred book Popol Vuh and he returns to the Earth as a voice in the sky to reveal his alien nature. There is also a good amount of nihilism, just watch our last lyric video:

Are there shows confirmed for this year?
Yes, we will have two shows both in our hometown, one on the 13th of February and another one in March; we also feel the time has come for a tour, therefore in the future we will look for a serious promoter. Stay tuned on our facebook page for more info.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Of course.My message is a quote from the chorus of the last Cosmogony song, titled ‘Children of War’: “Now look at the children of war, in their eyes lies the secret of dignity… their gaze is the key to understanding all lifes have a meaning worth fighting for”. Thanks to all people who will buy Cosmogony, you (may) have no idea of the shitload of work there is in it!

Thank you for the answers, all the best Andrew!
Thank you Carla and always horns up!

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