Interview Necroshine

Interview about Necroshine, Italian black metal band.

By Carla Morton


Hi Marco, how are you?
Marco: Hi Carla! I’m fine thanks. I answer to your questions and dinking red wine!

Tell me a little history about Necroshine’s foundation.
Marco: Necroshine was founded in 2001, but in 2003 we find the first right lineup, so I can say that Necroshine how you know started in 2003. With this lineup we have produced our first demo (2004), two albums (2005-2008) and one EP (2011). We started to play Black metal influenced by keyboards sound, you can listen keyboard in the our demo and firs album. After (from the second album from today) we can start to play without keyboard, so we are oriented to fast and raw Black metal.

The latest release is ”Invocation of Blasphemy” from 2013, tell me about it.
Marco: “Invocation of Blasphemy” is the our last release after a lineup change. We have recorded this full-length with a new drummer. This album is not with very fast songs because we can try to play more Heavy. The songs in “Invocation of Blasphemy” are very strong!

You have also two other full-lenghts from 2005 and 2008 and an EP released in 2011. Tell me a few things about these.
Marco: Yeah. In 2005 we produced “From the Deepest Hate”, our first full-length! It’s very raw and underground sounds. Now it’s sold-out, but I think that this year for the our 15 years of blasphemy we re-release a new version. In 2008 the second full-length “New Era of Chaos” was out, 12 evil songs of raw black metal, no keyboards, no synth, no female voices… only raw lyrics and fast riffs! “Diabolicunt” was produced in 2011, the last release with the original lineup. Only on this EP you can listen some Death metal influence.

Are you preparing to release new stuffs soon?
Marco: After another lineup change we started in 2015 to write new stuffs for the next album. The new album will be more fast and raw about “Invocation of Blasphemy”. Actually we have ready seven new songs and two of these songs were tested in live show with great response from the people. While other two or three songs will be finished for the new album. So the new album will be recorded soon! In Jan./Feb. 2016 we will release a remastered song taken from our first album “From the Deepest Hate” on a compilation of Italian Black metal underground.

As got informed about the band, you got the band’s name from the Overkill’s album, right?
Marco: The name of the band is not taken from the Overkill’s album.

What can you tell me about Necroshine’s influences?
Marco: We take the principal influence by Swedish scene.

Are there any shows confirmed?
Marco: At the end of 2015 we played with Mortuary Drape, Khephra, Necrodeath and other Italian Black metal bands! For the 2016 we have some live show confirmed. In January we’ll play with Necromass.  We will play also other live show, in particular next May at the first New Wave Of Italian Black Metal Fest!!

What message do you have for the supporters?
Marco: Check our FB page for news, events, music… Keep the black flame alive!!

Thank you for your time Marco, cin cin!
Marco: Thanks Carla for this interview, see ya!

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