Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust

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I have to admit, I have a soft spot for bands that embrace the Satanic imagery and lyrical themes.  Yeah, a lot of them can be bad and a lot of them are not good.  Then again there are a lot of metal bands in general that are not good.  The thing about the metal bands that latch onto the occult themes and add in some traditional style metal playing, if they get that right they can come out with some pretty interesting stuff.  This is the case with Baphomet’s Blood and their new album ‘In Satan We Trust’.  Good old fashioned in your face speed/thrash metal with all kinds of with some retro occultism thrown in makes for a rough and tumble metal assault!

When you listen to ‘In Satan in We Trust’ the first comparisons you will draw to them will be they are a bit of a mixture between Venom and Motorhead but with a bit better production (which is the one drawback in my opinion of the album).

Baphmoet’s Blood play fast and strong on all their songs and put in some thematic sound clips from what I assume are old horror films, with several of the songs having some great riffs that I can imagine when played live will be a great for getting the fans fired up and ready to head bang.  Especially with the Slayer-esque riff in the opening song, ‘Command of the Inverted Cross’.  I can just see the metal crowds moshing and swaying to this song.  Another positive for me with a band like this is that unlike a lot of bands of the same ilk, the singer(Necrovomiterror)ß(how can you go wrong with a name like that!) has a gruff voice but not a voice that sounds like he has rocks and glass in his mouth when he tries to sing.  So what I am saying is, you can understand what the hell he is singing and enjoy the lyrical themes of the songs which is a BIG bonus to me when listening to songs that talk about occult themes.  Some will disagree with me on this…but…well fuck them.

I mentioned briefly above that my one minor complaint is that the production sounds just a little too clean overall on the album.  I think the album could sound a bit more ‘dirty’ or ‘dangerous’ or I guess more analog in how it sounds.  But this is a minor complaint as I really enjoyed ‘In Satan We Trust’ and with songs like ‘Command of the Inverted Cross’, ‘Hellbreaker’ and ‘Infernal Overdrive’ they will for sure take you on one hell of a Satanic hell ride.

If you are a fan of the old early 80’s ‘Satanic’ bands like Venom and others of their kind then this album should make you smile with joy.  They aren’t Venom…but then again…who is?  Go get an unholy grail, fill it with the Baphomet’s Blood and put your trust in Satan!

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