Amoral unveils another song off the forthcoming album


Amoral, who recently became a six-piece following original Niko kalliojärvi’s return to the group, has released the song “The next One To Go” from it’s forthcoming “In Sequence” album. “In Sequence” will be released in Japan next friday, and the rest of the world follows on February 5th.

“‘Rude Awakening’, the first single off ‘In Sequence’, presented the more modern, metallic side of the new album, whereas on “The Next One To Go” , the riff assault has changed to painting landscapes with chords, and the guitars make some room for vintage keyboard sounds. The lyrics look into the write’s block syndrome, and what pain such a state can bring to those who work in the creative field. We are also reminded of the dangers of postponing doing things of importance…”, says Ben Varon.

Listen to “THe Next One To Go” on Youtube:

“In Sequence” is available for pre-orders from the Amoral webshop:

Also new cool vintage skull shirts now available!

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