Interview Endamaged

Interview about Endamaged, Italian Heavy metal band.

By Carla Morton


Hello to you Riccardo, how are you?
Good, thanks! Greetings to you and your readers from Endamaged!

Say a few words about Endamaged foundation.
Endamaged was born in Rome, Italy in the end of 2010 with the actual lineup. We play heavy metal, with some proggy and some thrashy elements. It’s not that easy to define what we do. What really matters to us is that our music is passionate and natural, even if not so ordinary: we don’t believe in artificial complexity for its own sake and as a showing off.

”At the Gates” is the debut album.
Yeah, it’s our first album, as the title states. We’ve actually recorded it in mid-2013, but the post-production took over a year because we’ve self recorded, engineered and produced it. Luca (the guitarist) did, in fact. The album contains some of our oldest songs from 2010, like Soldier god and When the walls fall down, and it’s our first album ever, so we’ll always be attached to it. It was also really well received by fans and critics, despite its home made production. We really didn’t know where we were going with it, so we’ve tried to keep a low budget. But this won’t be the case with our next work in studio, which will have a proper professional recording and production.

Also, you have an EP released in 2011, ”Soldier God”.
Yes, it was our first experience in a recording studio. The songs on that record are really old, and just the titletrack made it to the album and is still in our current live setlist.

Have you started to write new materials for a new album?
We hope so! We’ve been working on new tracks for the last year. 4 of them will certainly make it to the next record and we’re already playing them live; we are still undecided with the others. We want to make a really great record! I think we could enter the studio in Summer 2016.

Who uses to write the music in the band and what are the lyrical themes?
Generally it’s Luca (the guitarist) who writes the song’s structure and the lyrics as well. Less frequently I do it also, but in any case we all re-elaborate it together as a band while rehearsing, so the final song is always slightly different from its first outline. Regarding our thematics, we often criticize religions as mere instruments of power to enslave the masses and keep the people ignorant, but we write also about less grimier stuff, like stories that fascinate us in some way, wether they are from a tv series or a novel, mythology or history. For instance, there’ll surely be three songs about British sci-fi tv series Doctor Who on our next album.

What about the band’s influences?
Probably our most distinctive influences are Iron Maiden and Megadeth, but we like also thrashier bands like Testament or chunkier stuff like Iced Earth. Other than that, it depends whom you’re asking it to 😀 I’d personally answer that I deeply love Rush and prog rock, as well as swedish death metal acts like At the Gates or Amon Amarth, and a lot of bands in between this very wide spectrum.

Are you going to tour soon?
Not until we complete our second album, then we’ll try to plan a European tour or at least some single gigs outside of Italy.

A message for the supporters?
Thank you for reading this, hope you had fun! As always, keep in touch with us on Facebook and check out for news and updates. See you soon somewhere around the world!

Thank you Riccardo for the interview. Rock on!
Thank you for your time and the space you’ve granted us. Cheers and till the next time!



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