Interview Panic.0

Interview with Alessio Sommovigo, the bassplayer of the Italian alternative metal band, Panic.0.

By Carla Morton


Hi Alessio, how are you?
Hi Carla! It’s all fine, we’re very grateful to have the opportunity to answer to your questions and share them with your community!

Tell me when Panic.0 was formed.
Panic.0 was formed in 2008, we always aimed to offer the best live show to our (new?) fans around Italy. After few years and some trouble in the line up, we released a demo and a self titled album, and made more than 50 shows around Italy and even an East-European Tour to support them. Now we can’t wait to play our new EP , “THE KING OF JACK’ N SHIT” live for our crazy fans!

In 2013 you have released the self-titled debut album, tell me about it.
We recorded and mixed ourself the track for the album during the autumn of 2013, and through any kind of difficulty encountered we’re still very satisfied of this 10 song-piece. The mastering done by David Gnozzi in Rockstar Recording Studio is still sound crazy! We’re very proud of this work, even if we are now focused on create a more personal and rock like sound.

Have you got nice reviews about the album?
We had several reviews, more of them were good, other terrible! It’s part of the game, of course. Luckly we always gain new fans after our live shows, we know that it’s important but is not enough: with “THE KING OF JACK ‘N SHIT” we’re working to have a better media coverage, but it’s always hard to have it if we work on our own.

Are you going to release new materials soon?
Well, we just released “THE KING OF JACK’N SHIT”, supported by a video clip for the track “FROM L WITH LOVE”, writtend, directed and edited by our singer Lorenzo. You can listen to the EP here and watch the video here . We’re planning to shot new videoclip, you’ll have soon good news about it!

What about shows, are there any confirmed?
We’re working on some warm up shows near home in december. We add a new drummer and the old one converted to the guitar, so we have to test the new line up as soon as possible! We’re working to book some shows in Italy in February-March and in the meanwhile we’re working for an European Tour in Spring 2016.

What are the lyrical themes?
We mainly take inspiration from real life’s situations, we talk about death, love, life, blowjobs, important losses and other funny or sad facts :luckly (or not) life is always an infinite source of themes and stories to talk about. We apply a sarcastic and irriverent filter, we add some heavy and catchy riffes and we cook the next Panic song!

What are the band’s influences?
If you listen to “THE KING OF JACK ‘N SHIT”, you can discover almost of our musical influences, even if the tracks are very catchy and rockish. We have always different tastes and point of view about music, we’re very addicted to punk, stoner (in all his shades) and all the ’00 nu metal american scene: in general we look forward to the well played music, with a genuine songwriting and attitude.

What other plans do you have for the band?
Our immediate plans are to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse: we want to be ready to offer the best show to our supporters, old and new. We’re always focused on the EP’s promotion through review and interview, we’re booking shows. It’s difficult to have the best result always when you act on your own, but we have a lot of work to do so we look forward to do our best.

Do you have a message for the supporters?
Check and like our Facebook to follow what your favorite bunch of assholes are doing! Listen to the EP, buy it or download it for free, we don’t care, just listen to it, share it, love/hate it. Last but not least if you want Panic.0 in your town…just ask it!

Thank you for your time, cheers to you Alessio!
We and the other guys want seriously to thank you for the space you gave us! Rock on!


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