Interview: Digitalis Purpurea

Interview with Pi Greco about the Industrial/Electronica band, Digitalis Purpurea. 

By Carla Morton


Hi Pi, how things are going?
Pretty well Carla. I’m enjoying my new house, working on a new audio material in my studio, having good time with my love Elisa and our cat Charlotte.

When have you founded Digitalis Purpurea?
I released the first demo CD “Pi Greco Squad” in 2003 but the project started before, around 2000.

Let’s talk about the releases.
“Aseptic White” is the first, released in 2008. The theme is focused on the aseptic atmosphere recreated with the modular use of colors, mainly red and white, with references to Japanese culture. It is inspired by Tsukamoto’s films and japanese subcultures. “Emotional Decompression Chamber” is the second one, released in 2010. This album can be defined as a cinematic record because of the combination between sounds and images set as its keystone. The protagonists of the lyrics, Junichiro and Ishtar, are a modern version of “Fando y Lis” (first work of Alejandro Jodorowsky) chasing the legendary city called Tar on a David Lynch’s Lost Highway. The sound is the soundtrack to this imaginary film. Both records have been worldwide pressed by the italian label “Aural Music”. The third full-length album is “Palindrome Shapes Of Mold”. It is a Giallo Thrilling Opera. The digital format has been released by Danse Macabre Records. The limited edition cassette is produced by Subalpina Industry.

Beside the albums you have two EP’s aswell.
I consider “30-hole and Fred Perry” as an album despite its playing time. It’s the third chapter of DIGITALIS PURPUREA’s “Mouth Trilogy”. The two previous excerpts are the full-length albums Aseptic White and Emotional Decompression Chamber. The controversial content of the record is irreverent, ugly and provocative. “Bubblegum-Pop” artworks, explicit sexuality and the ostensible superficiality of lyrics and contents are intentionally flaunted with satire and irony. Although maintaining the cinematic feature of the previous works, now atmospheres tune into a less noble mood.  To frame these intentions the artwork is inspired by Terry Richardson crude pictures and Barbara Kruger subversive slogans. The texts are influenced by Charles Bukowski and the following quote could be the album’ slogan: “Hospitals and jails and whores; these are the universities of life. I´ve got several degrees. Call me Mr.”

Are you going to release new materials soon?
I’m working on new material in these weeks. I’m going to release a vinyl next year. Since I’m an audio engineer, I’m taking care of all the audio production details, from the songwriting to the sound design, to the mix, to the mastering. I’m collaborating also with some top american producers and artists I esteem. The sound will be definitely more hi-def compared to the obscure lo-fi production of the previous “Palindrome Shapes Of Mold” but it will preserve the dreamlike feel. There will be also more acoustic recordings and dry vocals. I think I wrote one of the most representative stuff of my project.

Tell me about Digitalis Purpurea’s influences.
The white color, the number 4, the dissonance.

What are the lyrical themes about?
There’s no a head theme. Lyrics are usually functional to the song’s mood.

What about shows, are there any confirmed?
I’ll probably take part to an important festival next year in Germany but it’s secret at the moment, I can’t say more.

Do you have other plans with Digitalis Purpurea?
I’m working on the production of the first inedited videoclip that I’m going to release together with the LP.

What message do you have for the people who support you?
A new special release is coming soon and I’m sure you’ll love it!

 Thank you for the answers, cheers to you Pi Greco!
Thanks for the interest in my project.

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