Interview: Omrade

Interview about the Avantgarde/Industrial band, Omrade.

By Carla Morton


Hi guys, how things are going?
Arsenic : Hi, things are going very well and especially Omrade. Wonderfull feedbacks on our first album “Edari” with a lot of review and interviews.
Bargnatt : Hi, all is good for us, thank you.

Tell me when did you founded Omrade.
Arsenic : Omrade are two people, Bargnatt and I; we founded the band last year because we were two friends of the french metal scene; the idea started like a joke, we just wanted to do something together, less metal but with our background. It is finally a serious project as we can express a lot of creativity without any limit. We invited some guests on the album because we think that they understand our vision.
Bargnatt : The band was created on 2014. We are friends with Arsenic and we wanted to play music together, because we have the same vision of music with the same reference like Ulver, Manes, Dodheimsgard and other.

You started with the album under the name of ”Edari”. Tell me about it.
Bargnatt : ‘’Edari’’ is a real great word, a friendly word because it’s talking about feast of friends and fun. Edari mean drink or Apero.
Arsenic : Edari means “Apero” in French or “drink” if you prefer. It symbolize how the project was born (during parties); when we got it in seriously we decided to do something dark, even darker than it is; finally we got a good compromise as the album is listenable even even with the dark side.

Have you got nice reviews about the album?
Bargnatt:Yes a lot of great review we are so happy with this. It’s really nice to have some point of view of our music all around the world with different feeling and great feedback from our work. Our label My kingdom Music is doing a great works to support our music, and Dooweet agency our PR team with the almighty Christophe Sousa did a great works for us.
Arsenic : Yeah a lot, more than we expected and only good ones, we are so proud of this one, we hope the next will have the same feedbacks.

What are the influences that inspires you?
Arsenic : For me especially Ulver/Manes for the darkness; we are not so dark but we have our own identity for sure.
Bargnatt : The first inspiration is to play music, and share music with Arsenic, confront our opinion and our sensibility is a great experience. Ulver, Manes dodheimsgard, vulture industries, Arcturus, god is an astronaut are a the almighty inspirations for me.

What about the lyrical themes?
Bargnatt : The lyrics of Edari speaks about fun, all the tracks talk about feelings, about sentiment, sadness, pain but with a little shine part, because all is never totalily dark in the world. All tracks need to be a travel for the listener.

Got any shows confirmed?
Arsenic : We are for the moment a studio project as we are in other metal bands. Moreover Omrade deserve a special logistic; not so easy at the moment for only one album.
Bargnatt : Not at this moment, we would like prepare great shows, and have  more songs.

Did you start writing materials for a future release?
Bargnatt : Yes, a lot of material for the next album, we shared with Arsenic a lot of ideas, in this album we would like to create our own univers. For Edari I’ve just played guitar and sing, and for this new material I brought some ideas of piano or rythmics of drums, and afterward, Arsenic inserted his own ideas. We’re sharing so many ideas, we have a lot of version now of our futures songs.
Arsenic : “Edari” Vinyl will be released in the end of december with a free cd gift of great artist remix like Manes and Nordic giants (and much more); we hope this limited edition will have a great feeback. We also have finished the next album, we go on studio on April 2016, a kick-ass album for sure.

Do you have something to say for those who support Omrade?
Arsenic : We really want to thank our fans who joined the band, we hope they will be more and more; if the audience is here we could go on stage one day; if this happens, we want a true show with special guest.
Bargnatt : The first word is thank you so much for your support. It is really appreciate and it’s a motivation for us.

Thank you for the interview, all the best!
Arsenic: Thanks for your time, don’t forget to see our facebook page and our website, we hope you will hear from us soon!




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