Interview: Nu Nation

Interview with Alexander Maiden, guitarist in the Russian Deathcore metal band, Nu Nation.

By Carla Morton

10492422_665426303525713_4029494868343541936_nHi Maiden, how are you?
Hey Carla, I’m fine, thanks a lot! Working hard on a new album for Nu-Nation.

Tell me a few words when did Nu Nation was formed.
The band was formed in 2009 when some people and I decided to make a new band playing in vein of Sepultura and Soulfly. We all left the bands we played before and started to work on songs.

Until now, you have released an EP and a LP, tell me about them.
Apart from the debut Art Of Riot EP’2010 We have 2 LP released: Wake Up’2012 and The Awakening’2014. The first album is groovy alternative metal, but after some lineup changes we released the second one, it’s a kinda of mix of different styles, based on oldschool nu-metal but influenced by another music we like. I can say that it’s a bridge from the old NU-NATION we had in 2012 on ‘Wake Up’ album to the nowadays band. Now we are mixing everything, from black metal to modern djent.

Are you going to release new materials soon?
Yes, we are now working hard on a new album. We plan to release a new official video at the end of winter 2016, and then a new album in the summer.

What are the band’s influences?
Everything we have around us. If we are talking about the bands, I can name: Iron Maiden, Korn, Emperor, In Flames — these bands made me as a musician. Right now I am listening to Led Zeppelin, btw…

Any lyrical themes?
On the first album the theme revolution-style: look around, beat the bastards around you, fight for your rights, etc. Now we are more in ‘dark’ things : demons within, darkness in our minds and the same. But we still have songs about revolution. I think it’s impossible to pass this topic by living in Russia, haha, only if you are blind or too stupid to understand what is going on around.

Are there shows confirmed for this year?
For this year — no, but for the next year we have 2 shows confirmed in Russia capitals — Saint Petersburg and Moscow, a show in Narva, Estonia and a big European Tour next May.

Do you have a message for your fans?
Support your local scene and the bands you really like, don’t stay at home when there’s a good show in your city. The bands need your support, show them some love 😉

Thank you Maiden, all the best!
Thank you! Take care and stay true!

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