Music Review: Neptune Power Federation CD: Lucifer’s Universe


By: Scott Foster

Label: Erotic Volcano

Available: November 14, 2015

Official Websites


I started the first track of this album with a bit of trepidation. Why? Well, mainly because my experience thus far has been that bands saying how evil they are, and how their music hails from the depths hell typically aren’t…well…good. I suppose I could have passed on listening, but for two things. One, sometimes it’s fun to write a bad review. And two, they said they had 70s riffs. I love old school rock.


I wound up being pleasantly surprised with the album. The music is, indeed, reminiscent of 70s rock and roll. The vocals at times remind me of Geddy Lee or Ann Wilson. Now, before the comparison to the voice of Heart draws hexes from the band, consider that Ann can really sing. It’s a compliment. But I’m going grab some basil, just in case.


Anyhow, the album is really quite good, and comes with an accompanying graphic novel, which is pretty nifty. Well worth checking out if you are a fan of classic rock and metal.



Screaming Loz Sutch: Vocals

Inverted CruciFox: Guitar

Search & DesTroy: Guitar

Jaytanic Ritual: Bass

Mr Styx: Drums

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