Interview: O.Y.D

Interview about O.Y.D with Orestis, the vocalist of the band.

By Carla Morton


Hi Orestis, how are you?
Fine, how are you doing?

Tell me when OYD was formed?
O.Y.D. was formed  in the spring of  2012 in Kalamata,southern Greece.The first members were me and Nick . Stavros has been the last member to join in.

You have released the debut album “Deep Breath”, tell me about it.
The album is out since the 2nd of October by “Pavement entertainment”. In my opinion it is better to let people find out on their own about whats going on, by listening to the album.

Got any good reviews for the album?
We have a big variety of reviews ,in terms of origin and evaluation.The large majority of those are positive ,with some really generous ones included,giving us the strength to carry on.

Who wrote the album and what are the lyrical themes?
Music is a team procedure.Usually it takes an idea by one of us to make us contribute until the song is done.Lyrics work same way,more or less.

What are the band’s influences?
Since we have  6 different personalities the list would be endless!This where the magic of music comes in;we try to combine all these differences in our music and sometimes the result is really satisfactory.

Are you going to tour to promote the new album?
Currently we are working on our greek schedule. Then ,hopefully Europe and around the world!You never know,right?!

What is the message for the fans?
Have fun ,keep rocking ,see ya soon!

Thank you for the answers, cheers!
Thank you Carla and thank your followers for reading this interview!


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