Music Review: Hellvoid CD: Gloomy Wizard


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: October 15, 2015

Official Websites


Hellvoid is a band out of Northern Poland, basing their sound on not one, but two basses. Kinda like Spinal Tap, right? Well, leave out the guitar. And make it more doom metal. And…well…yeah. So two basses.


Honestly, I think the sound suffers from having so much sitting in the same sonic range. It may be to the taste of some people, but not to mine. Which is a shame, as the guys are proficient. They get a solid groove going…which I suppose I would hope so, with two bassists. Drummer is quite capable, and vocals remind me of old Guy Ritter, way back in the day.


But, ultimately, the CD didn’t engage me. I found my mind echoing a line from the title track, Gloomy Wizard. “Shut it off.” I guess if the idea of thumping bass with…more bass lines…appeals to you, then go ahead and give it a listen. It’s not that the music is bad. Just definitely not my cup o’ tea.



Mateusz Karsznia “Mateo” – voc
Maciej Bardo – bass
Jakub Szwemin – bass
Krystian Wejda “Iron” – drums

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