Interview Lectern

Interview with the Italian Death metal band, Lectern.

By Carla Morton


Hi guys, how are you?
Howdy! All okay, thank you!

When was Lectern born?
Fabio: In 1999 as a Death metal act. All we wanted at that time, was inspired by Florida bands of the early 90’s as the same is what we want now! The style we follow is death metal from the United States, nothing melodic or commercial. Yes, we’re European but I don’t like stuff like Dark Tranquillity you know. Great bands from our continent, come from Spain, France, England or Sweden like Avulsed, Loudlblast, Infestation and Unleashed. We are a sort of mix of brutal like Suffocation and classic death metal as early Deicide. Going back to the debate about how we felt in the 1990’s well, it was the time of flyers and demotapes. Today, you can be a musician simply at home, playing and recording on your chair in front of a monitor, as you press the record button. In the past century, there was a real playing attitude, you should go into a studio to record your stuff, no hard disk! Everything was still real, especially if to spare a lot of money, the band recorded live all the instruments. Riffs were written at rehearsals and arranged in countless months. You had no file sharing anyway! Other times, ya know! Really! Now we have Internet, You Tube views and shit like that. You are forced to be on the web and to like something always, just as a habit and not a real knowledge of things. Everything cannot be virtual, music isn’t that way!.
Pietro: Lectern were born in 1999 from an idea of Fabio and led the old school death metal directly from Florida.

You have released the first full length this year entitled “Fratricidal Concelebration”. What can you tell me about it?
Fabio: That kicks ass! But if I see the album with the eyes of one year after, well, it looks a little weaker for the guitar sound. The great job was made in production by Giuseppe Orlando at The Outer Sound Studios. I asked him some tricks, to have a great result, but I must admit that after all, it was the top we could reach one year ago!
Marco: It was my first recording experience, so it means a lot for me. It’s what came out from our minds and hands in months of work and shredding. It has a strong theological base along some kicking ass riffs.
Pietro: It was a unique record this album. We made many sacrifices, we fought a lot and in the end we put this monster out from the depths! This album includes everything you need to be known as death metal and I think any person who loves this kind of tunes, cannot be disappointed.

How were the reviews for the album?
Fabio: Pretty good! The underground is full of webzines and xerox paper which helped the band to have the right attention, also on the radio. We had a great trouble by censorship, bu now it’s passed. It’s time to play live a lot!
Marco: It has been well received and a lot of reviews focused a lot on my drumming and this actually surprised me if I think I did never played death metal since two years ago.
Pietro: They have been very positive in all sites where we have done a review, in fact some were a bit disappointed by the fact that some songs are very technical death metal. I do not see this great technique but I am glad that some people think so, after all we created this album to be old school and brutal death metal only.

You have released three EP’s as well, tell me a few things about them.
Fabio: They are too much! Jokes apart, with the previous line ups, we decided to release three or four songs and see if some label was interested. Now we are a full length band for now on. In details, Bisbetical was really Nineties influenced by early Cannibal Corpse style. Salvific Of Perhaps Lambent was the most technical level we ever reached in our career. Lectern was the new band after four years of stop, the extended play that introduced to Fratricidal Concelbration before Enrico quitted.

What are Lectern influences and who mainly writes the music in the band?
Fabio: All that is death metal will ever be involved in Lectern riffs! I personally like to listen for relaxing myself, to the old heavy metal bands of the Eighties and beginning of the Nineties. The same shit as Iron Maiden of Somewhere In Time, Venom of Possessed, Motorhead of Orgasmatron, Queensryche of Rage For Order, King Diamond of Them and some tidbits like Fifth Angel of Time Will Tell a record, with the best hard metal solos I ever heard! Of course, tons of old thrash metal as Slayer of Reign In Blood. Death metal all time records as Immolation for Dawn Of Possession or Deicide of Legion. Pietro is the main songwriter, the rest is arranged together, also with Fabio Mariantoni who is the new and second guitarist of the band since last March.
Marco: Even if I come from different genres like power and metalcore, classic death metal band were always in my headphones. Morbid Angel and Deicide of course, but my style comes a lot from some post 90’s bands like Chris Addler or Jordan Mancino. Fabio writes all the lyrics while Pietro never stopped composing since we realeased Fratricidal  Concelebration.
Pietro: Enrico former guitarist has written extensively in Fratricidal Concelebration and his style draws much to Deicide, Immolation and Nile.

What about shows? Are there any confirmed?
Fabio: A tour in England next April, before Easter. Other dates must be selected. Our label is also planning the Sliptrick Records festival with some big names of the metal circuit, we’ll see, nothing has been confirmed yet. Might, a full tour before recording the new album is possible.
Marco: We are prepearing a four days mini-tour in England at the moment. More details wil come, just stay tuned on our social media to know more about it.

Are you planning to release a new album soon? 
Fabio: It’s in the pipeline, but it’s too early to speak about that. We have more than a bunch of songs ready which needs guitar solos, vocals and other drumming arrangements. We are actually rehearsing, and studying how to buy new equipment for the gigs.
Marco: We almost finished some new songs that need only some details ad Pietro still got plenty of other tracks to work on. As soon as we are sure about the material, we will head again to the recording studio.
Pietro: Yes, we wrote all the guitars, we have to place the rest of the instruments, it will be a masterpiece, on youtube there is already a new song taken from the live gig with Sepultura and Angra.

What is your message for the fans?
Fabio: Embrace Satan!.
Marco: Fans are just friends that you did not meet yet, so come to see us folks!
Pietro: Fun and above all to listen to what they like and not what is fashionable in today’s music.

Thank you for the answers, cheers and all the best to you!
Fabio: Only Death metal is real!
Marco: Thanks a lot and see you in hell bro!
Pietro: Thank you so much guys! Best regards!





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