Interview: Forever Still

Interview with Maja Shining about the Danish Rock band, Forever Still.

By Carla Morton


Hi Maja, how are you?
I’m great, thank you!

First, when was Forever Still formed?
I formed Forever Still with Mikkel Haastrup and we released our first EP “Breaking Free” in 2013.

Next year in January you might release the first full-lenght under the name of “Tied Down”.
Yes, “Tied Down” is our debut full length which will be released January 15. It’s a concept album consisting of three EP’s the first two being “Scars” and “Save Me”. The record tackles a lot of personal issues where the protagonist struggles through depression, anxiety, and worthlessness, through to perseverance and recovery.

Until the new album to be released, you have two EP’s out:”Breaking Free” and “Save Me”, tell me about them.
We have released 3 EP’s the first being “Breaking Free”, which stands alone. We put together three very different songs (as well as a live-acoustic track) to showcase the different aspects of the band. “Scars” and “Save Me” is part of the album trilogy. We wanted to be able to release music more frequently, and releasing EP’s allowed us just that. With this album in particular we also wanted to showcase the different stages of recovery you go through before you get better. “Scars” in the very dark beginning with a lot of anger and despair, where “Save Me” is more of a roller coaster ride from feeling better and back again to complete hopelessness. What part three will be like you’ll have to imagine for now!

Are you going to tour soon, especially next year to promote the new album?
Absolutely! On November 20th we’ll be playing the Rock At Sea Cruise from Stockholm and currently we’re planning our album tour for next year after the album is released. We have a tour sheet on our website where our fans can suggest their city, so we know where they want us to go!

What are the influences that inspires Forever Still?
Most importantly personal experience. All of the music is written very much from the heart from our own emotion and the things that we’ve gone through. That’s really the essence of the music that it’s completely honest with no filter and no bullshit. In regards to influences from other bands, it’s all very subconscious. We listen to a lot of different music, also outside of our own genre, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what comes from where. These days I’m listening to Marriages, Mouth Of The Architect, Marilyn Manson and Emilie Autumn. Probably need to get some more Bring Me the Horizon going before going to their show in November!

Who mainly writes the music and what are the lyrical themes are you focusing?
Mikkel and I write all the music. Mikkel is in charge of all the instrumentals and I handle vocal melodies and lyrics and we help each other making both things as good as possible. Usually the instrumentals come first, and the themes come very natural depending on what emotions the instrumentals bring to the table. The music often comes from a place of hurt, so reoccurring topics will be related to depression, anger, rejection but also breaking free and self empowerment. You’ll often see a character development through the song.

Anything else can you share about Forever Still?
Sure, if you’re curious to know what we sound like, you can grab a free track or two from our website We’re on our social media every day, so tell us what do you think about it! All of our social links are on our website banner.

Do you have a message to tell for the ones who support you and Forever Still?
The fans of Forever Still already know how appreciative we are for their everlasting support, since we talk directly to hundreds of people every day, which is simply awesome. Thanks to the internet and social media platforms we get the chance to stay in touch with the people we love around the world and share our life with them and theirs with us. Also, a lot of people ask us to come to their city, play a specific festival or tour with a certain band – you know, we’d love to do every single thing you suggest! So tweet/write the people or places you wanna see us with or at, because they want to know what you want to see!

Thank you Maja for this interview, hope to see you soon, cheers!
It’s my absolute pleasure and thank you as well!

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