CONCERT REVIEW: Mustasch & Santa Cruz; Seinäjoki, Finland 2015

BY: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Samuli Keskitalo


You can pretty easily say, that almost every heavy metal band from Sweden has a big popularity in Finland. So Mustasch does also. First there was only an announcement for Unioni Festival in Helsinki, but pretty fast after that there was also 3 more shows to come: Seinäjoki, Tampere and Turku as well. The support act for the tour, which contained also about ten shows in their homeland Sweden, was a Finnish hard rock group from Helsinki, Santa Cruz. I have been in festivals, where Mustasch has also played, but never had enough interest to watch them, so I can say this was my first time at a Mustasch show, but I can easily say, that there will be easily more to come – even though the rest of the show was a little bit boring. Maybe too many songs played? Well, lets take a look about the night in Seinäjoki.

DSC_0031One of the most popular rock groups here in Finland is absolutely Santa Cruz. They have been storming their way right to the top: sold-out gigs, support act for AC/DC (Hämeenlinna 22.7.2015), slot for a Motörhead’s Motörboat Cruise etc. I haven’t seen have their newest album top #1 in Finnish rankings, but I think the next one will do it. I’m not familiar with their material, so unfortunately I can’t say which songs were played this night. Anyway the material sounded good and strong in places, nothing to complain about on that part. But somehow there was still something missing: I became a glam rock fan in the way Mötley Crüe created it, so nowadays every rock group, who has something in common with Mötley Crüe and other glam icons, sounds the same. Maybe one day I will say differently and disagree, but now we’re talking about this night and that was my main feeling after Santa Cruz. Young men taking stage with self-assurance is of course always a good thing and maybe some day in the future we will see them making their The Final Tour – like Mötley Crüe does right now.


DSC_0238Santa Cruz out, Mustasch in. The stage was filled with cabinets with light and LED panels and that was a bit of a surprise to me: I didn’t know they invest that much to their live set-up, hah. I liked it, definitely. The stage manager told before the show, that press can take photos through the gig, even in front pit between stage and front row and if Ralf Gyllenhammar (vocals & guitar) asks to come to the stage, you have to obey. Nice and friendly. Show started with nice light effect and with a song called Testosterone. That song is a very powerful one from the newest album and worked very well as a starter. Right after it there was Black City and Breaking Up With Disaster and the night was totally ripped open! All instrument’s sounds seemed to be in balance.

Raskas metalli, poika, p*rkele etc. It’s always a little bit funny and nice of course, when musicians learn something in a foreignlanguage, which is the mother language in the land, where they come to play – but there is also the other side of the coin: it begins to be boring, when you hear the some old story in every speech between the songs. Vocalist and guitarrist Ralf seems to be definitely a show man and he took command of the audience, that I can truly see – but next time maybe a little bit less that part. Anyway the audience seemed to be entertained, so maybe he hitt the bull’s eye then.

The new drummer in Mustasch is Robban Bäck. I saw him behind the drum kit a few times in Sabaton and when he went on paternity leave he disappeared from the news too. Now it is nice and good to see he still has his skills behind the kit and has a strong band with him to play. A little drum solo was also played between Heresy Blasphemy and Speed Metal songs and it contained the legendary Painkiller intro. Highlight of the night? Oh yes. And also Speed Metal song one of the best parts by me.

Still remember, when I wrote the rest of the concert was little bit boring by me? After Speed Metal we had that boring part arrive. Hopefully that boring part was only felt by me, because the audience was still enjoying themselves. ”Do you wanna be entertained?” was Ralf’s number one question and phrase that night and the crowd in Seinäjoki wanted to be. One nice little rise was hopefully in the end of the main setlist, a classic one called Douple Nature.


Audience yelled for the band to come back and so they did. Three songs in the encore and the night was over. I think I haven’t ever seen rude, or unfriendly Swedish musicians on stage and nor this time. Mats ”Stam” Johansson (bass) and David Johannesson had a nice time on stage. I don’t know how much tickets cost for the show but I’m sure customers got what they paid for. And if I had been there as a fan, or as a customer to see the show, I would have been happy to pay for the ticket. About one minute after the last song they came to the merchendise booth to say hello to the fans and to sign autographs. Truly nice.

Maybe every musician should be from Sweden?


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