CONCERT REVIEW: Moonspell- Jyväskylä, Finland 2015

BY: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Samuli Keskitalo

DSC_0418”Before the lights go out, before our time is gone, a taste of your lips, before we go extinct”. So majestically sang Fernando Ribeiro, the singer of Moonspell, this chorus at Lutakko in Jyväskylä. This most successful Portuguese gothic metal group announced their eleventh full-length album early this year and made a very successful Road To Extinction Part 1 tour right after it through Europe. After the summer, Road To Extinction Part 2 was about to come, this time with 2 support acts with them: Dagoba from France and Jaded Star from Greece. The tour was started 23th October in Innsbruck and about two weeks later its was time for Finland. I went to see this tour in Jyväskylä, but there were also three more shows in Finland. I actually didn’t know that Moonspell had such a large fanbase in Finland that four shows were needed. But cool to know! Here is some my thought about the night.

DSC_0002The act to open the night was Jaded Star. They have been known in Greece, when they recorded a couple of songs to A Greek Tribute To Metallica CD, but now this year they made their first album release, called Memories From The Future. I didn’t know much about the act and I really can’t say they made any kind of impression or not. They played a few songs from the debut album, which were undeniably catchy heavy / power metal songs. Maybe the feeling when they played was the same as you get from any female fronted Dutch metal band’s concert. Nice and catchy, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe a couple more years together and then it fits better together – because they seemed to be a few mistakes on coordination / playing together.

The second support act before the main act was Dagoba. This french groove metal act was totally unknown to me before this night, but now at least I know a handful of their songs. Or at least I’ve heard them, don’t know do I remember them anymore, haha. I have to say, that the singer of this band was pretty passionate on singing and that got my attention totally. Merci!

The normal version of Extinct album contains 10 songs and Moonspell played five of them, which was very fine by me. DSC_0204Personally I listened to the album just about one week before the show and listened iseveral times – and it was worth it! Breathe (Until We Are No More), Extinct, Medusalem, The Last Of Us… All those great songs came that night. Fernando Ribeiro took the stage with style and self-assurance and it looked it too. And all the other musicians looked like they felt right at home. Very catchy and nice to watch. Mooonspell seems to be very strong on the stage in 2015.

As you can notice by reading this report the main theme was purely based on the new album. But that wasn’t of course the only album to be played this night – a few songs of course from the old classics Wolfheart and Irreligious and some other stuff from albums like Night Eternal, Sin / Pecado, The Antidote. I noticed Moonspell has been changing the setlist during the tour, but fo me it wasn’t so significant. My thoughts were on the Extinct album and it was totally worth of it. Some other highlights during the night was how passionate the small crowd at Lutakko was. Nice little singalongs, nice headbanging.

DSC_0340Moonspell have been touring the concerts and recording the albums with this lineup for a long time, which has been almost unchangeable. The biggest changes with lineup’s has been on bass, where Finnish Moonspell fans have surely noticed Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis), who was a guest musician for a few years. Miguel Gaspar (drums) and Pedro Paixao (guitar) have been with Fernando Ribeiro in Moonspell since the debut album Wolfheart came out. I haven’t ever been a huge Moonspell fan and have to say, that I haven’t followed this band and their news, but now, when I went to the show I saw how good these musicians fit together on stage.

And so, slowly we’re going to the end of the night. Ataegina, Alma Mater, Scorpion Flower etc. And that last mentioned song was played as a duet with Maxi Nil from Jaded Star. Then it was time to hit the encore. Everything Invaded, The Future Is Dark and the old classic one Full Moon Madness. And what a great choice to put The Future Is Dark in the encore.

Road To Extinction Tour Pt. 2 continues and there will be many countries to come. Even if you know only the hit songs like Opium, Full Moon Madness etc. I recommend you to go see them – maybe you would become a fan.

Setlist in it’s entirety: Breathe (Until We Are No More), Extinct, Night Eternal, Opium, Awake!, …Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride), The Last Of Us, Medusalem, Scorpion Flower, Malignia, Vampiria, Ataegina, Alma Mater, Everything Invaded, The Future Is Dark, Full Moon Madness


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