Interview: Ashes To Ashes

Interview about Ashes To Ashes with Wuky, the guitar player of the band.

By Carla Morton


Hi Wuky, how are you? 
I’m fine, thank you.

Tell me when Ashes To ashes was formed?
ATA was formed in 2010.

You have released in 2013 the album ”Borderline”. Tell me about it.
It’s been an awesome experience. We recorded the album at Westfall Rec. Company in NY where Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte made a really good job, producing it. The sound of Borderline was just the first mix our music influences. A young but strong product. We have found now a peculiar and coherent sound. Borderline has been our way to get our own style. You’ll listen it in our outcoming album “Urania”.

Did you receive good review about the album?
Well, let me just say: good ones have been more than bad ones.

Are you going to release new materials soon?
In 01/2016 “Urania” will be released.


What are the lyrical themes?
They mainly talk about “feelings as Marta feels them”.

Any band influences?
I just can tell that none of us come from the same music genere.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
Absolutely not. We’ll be out again from January 2016.

A message for Ashes To Ashes fans?
Keep your ears open becouse you’ll be surprised about Urania’s sound.

Thank you for your time Wuky, cheers!
Thank you so much.


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