Music Review The Carburetors CD: Laughing In The Face Of Death

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Available: 20th November 2015
Haven’t done a Steamhammer/SPV album for a while so lets check this out. A first time discovery of The Carburetors. I think the title of both the album and the songs gives a brief inside to what they are about.

The best way to describe this album is fast paced, clean, heavy, classic rock, updated for the new millennial decade. Aside from the slight hints of rockabilly and punk thrown into the mix, this album is more or less free from unnecessary gimmicks. Now it doesn’t reach any new heights in the world of classic rock but I get the feeling that that’s the point. I don’t think the guys are aiming for anything in particular, they just want to make music together and enjoy it. The vocals are not bad by any stretch but I was expecting a high pitched melodic vocals with music like this. The first time I heard the singing I thought it was a bit average and nothing special, but the more the album went on the more the vocal style suits it. And if it had been a high pitched melodic voice it would of just been another cliche that we’ve heard a thousand times before. The album starts of fairly good but builds up to be better the more you listen to it. The songs are a good length and I was able to listen to this album without growing board or having to sit through gravity blasts. The patriotism song at the end was a good way to end. Was almost like a simple country version of a Sabaton/Civil War song only without any of the operatics.
This album sounds like it could be used during a bar scene in an action/thriller movie. So if you do decide to get this album (which I recommend) then you should give it to your local rock bar to play on a Saturday night.

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