Interview: Weeping Silence (By Carla Morton)

Interview about the Gothic/Doom metal band, Weeping Silence from Malta.


Hi Mario, how are you?
Hi Carla. I am fine thanks, although very busy too, as you may know our new album “Opus IV Oblivion” was released on the 23rd October via Massacre records and so it’s a busy period for the band.

Tell me about the band, when was it formed.
Weeping Silence (Malta) was officially formed in 1998 by me and Angelo (still our current drummer). Weeping Silence’s can be described as atmospheric Gothic Doom metal,  we are 7 members :  DIANE CAMENZULI – Vocals,  MANUEL SPITERI- Guitars, ALISON ELLUL – Keyboards, ANGELO ZAMMIT – Drums, MARIO ELLUL – Guitars/ Orchestrations , DARIO PACE TALIANA – Vocals, SEAN POLLACCO – Bass.

You have released this year the fourth album, ”Opus IV Oblivion”, tell me about it.
As said before Opus IV Oblivion was released via Massacre Records on the 23rd October 2015. – It was Recorded & mixed by David Depasquale/Weeping Silence, at Spine Splitter Studio, Malta. Mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room Studio, Germany. The Album artwork was done by Jan Yrlund ( and it was inspired by and based on the tomb art at the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Malta. Opus IV Oblivion is a gothic doom metal album Heavy, melodic, melancholic, dark and full of ambience.


What can you tell me about the other releases of the band?
“End of an Era”  –  Sleazy Rider Records 2008
“Theatre Of Life”  –  Raven Heart Music Records 2011
“For the Unsung”  – Raven Heart Music Records 2012 (Featuring Anders Jacobsson (Draconian) as guest vocalist).
“End of an Era” released with Sleaszy Rider Recs had an atmospheric doom metal orientation and was well received across the world as a unique in memoriam album. In the period 2006-2008 Weeping Silence recorded the second album ‘Theater of Life’, with a re-direction in style, having a faster pace and the introduction of a choir accompanied with grandeur orchestrations. The album, regarded more of a gothic release than doom, was released via Ravenheart Music Recs in 2011. The band was rewarded with good press and several plays on metal radio stations. The track ‘Dark Waters’ off this album was also voted first in the EKR A-List People’s Choice Poll in July 2011. Weeping Silence entered the studio again in 2011 to record ‘For the Unsung’. This third album, released in deluxe digipack edition in 2012, features male growl vocals. It is more aggressive and with a clear gothic-doom metal orientation. Anders Jacobsson of internationally-renown act Draconian features as guest vocalist. The album was produced at Tower Studios (France). ‘For the Unsung’ propelled the band to a new level following positive reviews and interviews in international music websites and mags.

What are the influences?
Being 7 members in the band, there is a very interesting mix of influences. Some influences are common, like metal related influences, although every member has a preferred metal genre. Other influences are rock, jazz, Celtic, classical music, film music , etc. Although band members have many different influences I personally think that the greatest influence is trough life experiences/situations. Episodes in life that in a way or another, mark your soul.

Who mainly write music and what are the lyrical themes?
Our Music composition is based on a group effort, normally someone has a basic idea and at a point in time, everyone puts in a bit of him/her in the piece. Then obviously the piece is “fine tuned” until it’s of the desired quality.Before this album our past vocalists use to write the lyrics. Now Sean writes the majority of the lyrics, Diane writes some lyrics too. Lyrically ‘Opus IV Oblivion’ draws mainly on existential topics, the thirst for knowledge, death, crossing borders and adapting to new psychological life challenges.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
The only show we have this year is the launch concert of Opus IV Oblivion next November in Malta as we were concentrating mainly on the album release this year. Next year looks promising though. We will have a tour in France Belgium and Holland next January with Belgian metal heads Thurisaz. We will also play Gothoom Open Air in Slovakia next July and we’ll soon have another festival announcement. Check our websites for more info regarding future shows.Weeping Silence hosts a yearly 2 day festival called Metal over Malta, Its held in March and we will co headline this festival. Bands like Septic Flesh, The Foreshadowing, Thurisaz etc are already confirmed and there are many more bands yet to be announced. Flights are cheap in this period of the year and Malta is a strong touristic attraction….. Throw in a Metal festival with internationally acclaimed metal bands. What more can you wish for. More info on this festival, tickets etc can be found here

A message for the fans?
Here is Weeping Silence’s latest video of the track ‘Ivy thorns upon the barrow’ from our new album Opus IV Oblivion
If you like our music, please support the band buy buying our albums / merchandise.
Hope to meet you in a festival or gig somewhere soon, Thanks for all your support
Stay Metal \m/

Thank you Mario, cheers!
Thank you Carla for this opportunity, very appreciated indeed, keep it up. Till next time. ake care!

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