Interview: The Silent Rage

Interview with Stavros Tsil, bass player of the Greek metal band, The Silent Rage.

Interview by Carla Morton

The Silent Rage 2015elogo

Greetings Stavros, how things are going?
Hello Carla, things are going pretty well actually. We just finished the mastering of our upcoming debut album and we are already in contact with some labels to figure out a release plan. The feedback we received from the listening session was amazing!

When was The Silent Rage founded?
The band’s first line-up was created back in 2006.

You have released 2 EP’s until now, what can you tell me about them?
The self titled EP (2009) was the band’s introduction to the world, if we may say. It was actually the first solid line-up and it felt right to have this release. Since then a lot of changes took over, not only in the formation of the band but in our sound, too. So, on 2011 we thought that it was a good time to re-introduce the band and its evolution with our 2nd EP ‘Harvester Of Souls’, released the same day with our opening to the co-headline show of Rage and Grave Digger in Athens! For me this was the connecting link of the band’s early days to our new, more aggressive sound. Both releases received exceptionally good feedback by press and fans alike! This, (along with Nikos’ vision for the band) was what kept up alive despite the many difficulties and barriers we encountered.

Will you release new materials soon?
As I mentioned we just finished the mastering of our very first full length album, entitled “The Deadliest Scourge”. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Devasoundz Studios by Fotis Benardo (SixForNine, ex-Septic Flesh). We also had some very special guests for this release, Theofilos Kritikos (Feel) composed the intro song “Signal Of War”, Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, ex. Firewind) did vocals in the song “Sin Of A Pilgrim” and Yossi Sassi (solo, ex-Orphaned Land) along with Vladimir Reshetnikov (Arkona, Rossomahaar) played some traditional instruments to the song “Shadow Spirit”, a very special acoustic ballad which closes the album. The outcome is really stunning and exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to finalize a deal with a label and schedule the release.

What are the influences for The Silent Rage?
Everyone in the band has his own influences really and this shows to the final outcome of our sound. When you listen to our new album you can definitely hear influences from bands like Iron Maiden or Helloween here and there but also Rage, Disturbed, Iced Earth, Nevermore and even more aggressive bands like Lamb of God. In the end I believe we have developed our own trademark sound which is a mixture of all our personal influences.

Are there any shows scheduled?
Currently we are focused in the procedure of releasing the album. After that we are going to plan some shows or maybe a tour.

Any other plans for the band?
After we have a deal with a label and schedule the release date we are going to discuss the possibility of making a video to promote our new album and of course an upcoming tour.

Do you have something to say for the people who support you?
Yes, of course! We cannot be more grateful to the people that follows and supports the band all these years and this album belongs to them, really. We hope to see everyone on the road soon!

Thank you all for your time and the answers, cheers and hope to see you soon!
Thank you and hope to see you soon too. Best wishes!

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