Music Review: Perpetual Rage CD: The New Kingdom


Available: NOW

Label: Self Released

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Nothing beats some good ol’ dirty rock n roll/metal.  Bands that get back to the roots of what it is to be a band of friends and play straight ahead in your face music.  Perpetual Rage does just that.  They do not reinvent the wheel but they put their heart and soul into the wheel that has helped keep metal alive through even the worst of times.

‘The New Kingdom’ boasts 8 tracks of dirty and raw metal.  I guess the closest I can compare it to would probably be something like the NWOBHM bands. While the band itself does not sound like these bands they are in the same spirit of these bands in what they set out to accomplish, which is a blue collar do it yourself type of music.  The album has a very warm and organic sound instead of favoring an over produced and polished studio sound.  Vocally, Tomi Viiltola has shades of Bruce Dickenson in his voice while also singing the songs in an enough of a unique way to make them his own.  Musically the songs are straightforward, not super flashy but catchy and with some nice riffs thrown in.

While I do like the rough and raw sound, the music could use a bit more tweaking in the mixing as sometimes things can get a little muddled and the vocals can get a little lost or sound out of place.  Granted, I was given a rough mix of the songs but if Perpetual Rage can get their tunes mixed a little bit better they may be on to something and be able to cultivate a loyal fan base of the old school metal fans.

If you have a chance, check out ‘The New Kingdom’ and if you live in the Kuopio, Finland area where the band is from go give them a listen live if they are playing in your local bar or pub.

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