Interview: AngelSeed

Interview with Lara, the vocalist of the Croatian Symphonic metal band, AngelSeed.

By Carla Morton

AngelSeed_Promo1_Igor CC Kelčec

Hi Lara, how have you been?
Hey Carla, pretty busy lately actually. A lot of things happening personal and band wise. Thank you for asking!

When was AngelSeed formed?
AngelSeed has been alive as a project for several years now, but it wasn’t until 2009, when the current line-up formed, and we became a real band.

You have just one release, a self-titled EP from 2014. Tell me about it.
We were going on tour in 2014, and since we didn’t have an album at that time, we decided to publish 3 songs from the upcoming album as EP, so we’d have some merchandise with us.

Are you preparing for a new album soon?
No more preparations, things are mostly done, and the album will be released in November. We are extremely excited and relieved to share the rest of the songs with our fans, since this has been a waiting process for us and the fans as well.

What are the AngelSeed’s influences?
We all, the band members, take influences where we can find them, whether it’s the music, any kind of music, books, tv or anything else. We all come from different backgrounds, so we all have something to contribute, which then ends up as one of AngelSeeds songs.

Any lyrical themes?
There are themes always, like angels, as you’d notice, some other fantasy things, alternate realities but at the end it comes to the fans themselves, how they experience a certain song.

Are there any shows confirmed so far?
Not yet as there are some things to be done for the album release. We hope to have a tour to promote the album soon, as well as the concert in our home town, Zagreb to celebrate the release.

A message for the fans?
We really hope that you will love our music and come to see our shows cause next year we will probably be on tour very often.

Thank you Lara for the answers, cheers!
It was my pleasure Carla, thank you so much for this opportunity to present ourselves! Stay metal!

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