Interview: F@B

Interview about F@B, metal band from Ukraine.

By Carla Morton


Hi Valentine, how are you?
Hey Carla, same os, just a different day.

When was F@B formed?
I (guitar) met Ivan(vocals) through a school friend and we started F@B. It started when things were simple in our lives, it started with no  reason, no expectations, we just liked to play music. It’s a core of this band. In the year of 2012 we pushed it all into a new phase. We met Max (drums) and Eugen (bass), made demos, played long solo shows and met
Marcello (OverDubRecordings label). We released a debut album only this year (2015). So I don’t know what would be the correct foundation date, pick any: 2000s, 2012 or 2015. Frankly I don’t think about it much.

You have released the debut album, ‘Talmbout’Dat’. Tell me about it.
Personally my vision is that it’s an impulse. I’m am a reticent person and
rearranging memories i think ‘I should have said  this or that’, so it’s a
message: ‘shout it out, tell them about that’. But it’s only my vision.
There’s no objective meaning behind the ‘Talmbout’Dat’, so you can tell me
about that. From this point of view the name ‘Talmbout’Dat’ sounds suitable
too, doesn’t it? I’ve got it just now writing this answer. Haha, good one.
Anyway I remember we were lost in the studio from early morning until late
night two weeks in a row. We cooperated with Davide at ACME Recording Studio
in Raiano (Italy). It was mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street
Studios (Sweden) afterwards. When it’s done the OverDubRecording label time
came. The ‘Talmbout’Dat’ had been released digitally and physically. Now the
album is being promoted. Articles, reviews, mentions appear. We’ve got
noticed by remarkable people around the world. Also this interview is a
result of their campaign. Summing up let’s remark that we hadn’t come out
with that emotional-social ‘Talmbout’Dat’ conception beforehand. When we
finalized the album I had to provide it’s story for the press release. I put
it all together: art, lyrics, music, title, memories – everything and it was
clearly seen, everything had that common ground. I had only to spell it out.

Did you start writing new materials?
We always create music, there’s no plan for writing. But there’s always
should be a production plan thought. We are going to produce several songs
DIYly, if you will… We never did it before this way. Feeling inspired and
self-confident. We’ve just released a new song, which is ‘Monsters Under My
Bed’. We’re working on the next one, which is ‘Wallet Hole’. Everything’s
released through F@B social channels as soon as it’s ready. We don’t have any
approved further plan, but i think we will produce more songs this way.
Should be fun.

What are the lyrical themes also what are the band’s influences?
Sharing this tremendous activity I’m possessed of putting sloppy words (like
‘guzzle’ and ‘muzzle’). I like to build sudden side-tracking and anything if
it’s confusing. I like to confuse cheerful and melancholic feelings. I might
come up with a phrase which doesn’t have any sense but sounds cool because
there’s double ‘z’ (like ‘guzzle’ and ‘muzzle’). ‘tell am I fucking how?’ in
the song ‘Measure’ was my idea. Also when I’m involved I worry about dramatic
theory. You know, I like when there’re introduction, progress and bam –
climax. I do give the f about matching it with a song structure. Maybe I
don’t think about themes because Ivan comes up with really cool topics.
Investigate the song ‘Double Y Chromosome’ and you will find out there’s a
chromosomal syndrome which has an impact on a man’s primitive drives,
including his impulses toward violence. Or the ‘Bon Appetit’, which is a
sharp satire about a mainstream shit. I like his style using metaphors, good
example would be the ‘Air’, which is about everything but air. In fact it’s
about things which are vital. Everyone has something really important for
them, but very often people don’t notice it till it’s gone, and this is
‘Air’. Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Korn, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool,
(Hed)p.e. Primus, Skrillex, Karate, Naked City and stuff like that inspires
me. Experimental, rock, dub step, jazz, pop, you know, maybe I like all
genres, though there’re elements I don’t like at the same time… maybe???
must say I hate to put labels. Music is an energy, I think ‘who performs?’ is
essential question, ‘what do they perform?’ is not that important. And it’s
not only about music, it’s about anything… cooking, whistling, scratching
balls. Energy is the fundamental element which has an influence on me…
energy and big girls with asses.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
This’s been my priority 1 pain in the ass for a while, anyway a path has been
beaten. I might only say that we’re getting signed with a booking agency
based in UK. We are going out in 2016.

A message for the fans?
Send me money, please, I’m hungry.

Thank you Valentine, cheers!
Take care!

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