Music Review: V for Violence CD: The Book of V

v for v

By: Scott Foster

Label: Inverse Records

Available: August 24, 2015

Official Websites

With the first howl that kicks of the vocals I thought I was getting another death metal band. However, the vocals quickly changed. They’re raw and aggressive, but not the unintelligible screams I often associate with death metal. They layer well with the likewise aggressive instruments, leaving us with a number of head-bang worthy songs.

The album flows well. The songs feel like they belong together, without presenting a semblance of sameness. I especially enjoyed the slow build up on “I Need You.” Not that the album is lacking for well-crafted songs. Musically, it’s a strong album. If I had one complaint, well…it’s that you can only use the word “fuck” creatively so many times, and I sort of felt like the album exceeded that. Ah well, among the rest of the work, it’s a minor nit to pick.

To summarize, The Book of V is a solid metal album. You’ll reach the end and find yourself wanting to give it another listen. It will definitely be on repeat play.


Jarkko E.J. Lähderanta – Vocals

Janne Salo – Guitars

Miikki Kunttu – Drums

Riku Vuorio – Guitars

Jani Rahkonen – Bass

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