Album review: Bleed Someone Dry- ”PostMortem |Veritas”

By Carla Morton

Bleed Someone Dry is a Deathcore metal band from Italy. They have released their third full-length this year entitled PostMortem |Veritas.


The album contains 12 tracks: starts with Haeretica Infans and ends with the track Ora Pro Nobis. The album also contains two tracks: Our Martyrdom featuring CJ of Thy Art Is Murder and Ora Pro Nobis featuring Luca Mai of Mombu.

Not that I am into Deathcore so much, but Bleed Someone Dry’s album is acceptable.
I can say this album is also bit melodic and technical, and I say technical by what is the drummer doing on the  album, the guitar riffs are ok, the vocalist has a brutal voice fitting for a Deathcore band (heard other Deathcore bands but the vocalists just scream a lot and the music is not ok) ,on the track Let Me In he sings calm and same the song is melodic.
Lovers of Deathcore and TechDeath might like this band and their new album so they can give a try. Usually, not many underground bands satisfy me, but Bleed Someone Dry as said sounds pretty well, PostMortem |Veritas is an interesting album, go check the band and listen to the new album!


Haeretica Infans
A Violent Awakening
Damnetur Misericordia
The Sacrifice
Let Me In
Devil in Me
Our Martyrdom (feat. CJ of Thy Art Is Murder)
Your Name, Their Plague
Doom And Gloom
Justice Has Become Utopia
Cycle Of Decay
Ora Pro Nobis (feat. Luca T.Mai of Zu, Mombu)

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