Interview: Rainover (By Carla Morton)

Interview with Andrea Casanova,  the vocalist of the Spanish Gothic/Rock band, Rainover.


Hi Andrea, how are you?
I’m very good, thanks! With lots of energy after the Summer holidays.

Tell me when Rainover was formed.
Rainover emerged from the ashes from a previous band called Remembrances, which was initially founded in 2003. Rainover, as it is today, started in 2011, when they parted ways with the previous singer and found me.

The first band release was in 2011 entitled ”Crystal Tears”. How the recording were going?
Well, that album was actually recorded in 2006-2007 and I think the proper release was in 2009, it got worldwide distribution a bit later. I can’t however speak much about it, as it was recorded with the old line up of the band (as Remembrances) so I wasn’t there yet. It does have some things in common with what we have done with Rainover, as a most of the team stayed the same, but I know that that first work was composed at a very early stage of the band so things were done quite differently. I think you can clearly see the evolution.

What can you tell me about the last album released ”Transcending The Blue And Drifting Into Rebirth”?
“Transcending the Blue and Drifting Into Rebirth” is the first album I had the opportunity to work with with the guys, apart from my first complete recorded album in general, and it has surely been a great experience, something we have all learnt a lot from. The production proccess was very intense: there was an upgrade when it comes to professionalism from the very beginning, as it was the first time the band worked on the songs with a production team, composed by Carlo Bellotti (head of our label, Wormholedeath Records) and Jonathan Mazzeo, with whom we also recorded the album in Italy. Also, for the mastering we chose to work with two great names in the industry –Dennis Koehne and Waldemar Sorychta, who have been involved in productions for bands like The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, and many many others-, and then it’s been distributed and promoted  worldwide by our label, with a Publishing contract with Warner Chappell and even a special Japanese edition. We worked asl well with a great artist, Mario S. Nevado (Aégis) for the cover. So we really put all our efforts into this album. Apart from that, it has been very well received by worldwide public and media –we got amazing responses in many foreign magazines and people have been super supportive since we released the album, and even more so after our small UK tour last April-May, where we got to perform at The Dames of Darkness Festival, sharing bill with bands like Sirenia, Leaves’ Eyes, Whyzdom, Enemy of Reality and others, which has drawn us attention from even more fans of the genre. All in all, it’s been a very fruitful work, getting us to many places and many ears in the world, and I’m sure it will always remain a special album for us –even if we still need to work a lot to get our name out there!


Are you preparing for a new album soon
Sure.”Transcending the Blue” has been a first step for us in this long, long way. We’re therefore already looking to what’s next and we’ve in fact been composing new tunes for a while. I can’t tell you a concrete timing for this, as we still need to work a lot more on them and set all details for the recording and the release, but things are moving and you can certainly expect new things from us in the near future.

Who mainly writes the lyrics?
Both Quini (drums) and I are in charge of the conceptual side of the band, from song themes to album concepts, song titles or artwork ideas. For “Transcending the Blue”, roughly 70% of the lyrics were written by Quini, and the rest were done by me.  It was a particular situation because I joined the band only a couple of months before the recordings, so they really needed to have a big part of the material ready by when I joined in. I don’t think he’d been a proper lyricist before that, but he turned out to be pretty good at it, and he’s especially creative for song titles and themes. I’m normally a bit more of a language perfectionist (with limitations of course, as English is not my mother tongue), so we complement each other pretty good on that.

What are the band’s influences?
We have got lots of personal influences, in all kinds of metal and rock, and other musical styles as well, but probably our “common ground” gets back to 90’s gothic and doom metal, and some current bands that keep this style. Some of the bands that most influenced us from the beginning have been, among many many others, acts like Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, Within Temptation, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Tristania, Paradise Lost, Therion, Anathema, and so on.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We have been playing in Spain and England during the first half of 2015, but for now we are sticking to working on the new songs. We’ve got a bit of a plan to work on these and hit the studio in around a certain time, so we’re not booking any more shows for the rest of the year, unless it’s something particularly interesting.

Do you have a message for the Rainover fans?
Sure. As always, I’d like to thank everyone for their continuous support. It does mean a lot and help us stay strong and work harder, no matter what. Thank you all!

Thank you Andrea, all the best! 
Thanks to you for your interest in the band and for this great interview!

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