Interview: If I Die Today

Interview with Marco Fresia, the vocalist of the Hardcore metal band, If I Die Today.

By Carla Morton


Hello Marco, how have you been?
Hello Carla, i’ve been very busy lately. Now i’m having a little break, October is around the corner and so it’s Cursed, we worked hard to refine the last details.

When was If I Die Today formed?
IIDT were born at the end of 2007, we changed through these years, we grew strong and we gained more complexity.

The latest release of the band is ”Cursed”. Tell me about it.
”Cursed” is a concept album, its creation took a lot of time and dedication. We passed through hard times and as many problems as you can imagine, anyway everything we lived these past two years made “Cursed” a product to be proud of.


Are you going to release new materials soon?
Of course, as I hinted before, ”Cursed” will see the light the 10th of October, thanks to Sliptrick records. We will celebrate the day supporting Negative Approach in Milan.

Do you have other releases? If yes, tell me a few words about them.
We released two full-lenght and two EP’s, and of course ”Jesus”, our last single and first song of our next album. Our previous releases are so different from what we made with “Cursed”, I can tell that we are wiser than before.

What are the lyrical themes and what are the band’s influences?
Our main influences are Converge, Cursed, Everytime I die as well as Neurosis, Botch and Will Haven. As I told you before, Cursed is a concept album in which we keep a main subject, evoked in the title. Every song is about literature characters, classical, religious or contemporary literature, who had been cursed. They kill, they are killed, they lose, they win, they are desperate or they are comfortable in their condition, they are all different, but all the same.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We already played something like a “promotional tour” for our single called “Jesus”, few shows with bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Dead Kennedy’s. We confirmed a UK tour at the end of November 2015, and other few Italian shows. We are planning now to tour around Europe: France, Germany, Russia.

A message for your fans?
Stay hungry, stay cursed. don’t forget to worship satan!

Thank you Marco, all the best to you and the band!
Thank you for your time and support, see you soon!

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