Interview: Soulspirya

Interview with Nico of the Italian Alternative Rock band, Soulspirya.

By Carla Morton


Hi Nico, how are you?
Very well, thank you!

Tell me when Soulspirya was formed?
We were born in Venice in 2014 after Lachaise project tired of the continuous changes in the line-up.

You have released the album this year, ”Stay Human”. Tell me about it.
First of all the name of the album: “Stay Human” comes from a phrase that became famous by the activist, journalist and Italian writer Vittorio Arrigoni talking about Gaza-Israel conflict. It consists of eleven songs and is the reflection of what we want to transmit: a concentration of power, melody and soul.  And the most important thing for us is that the first time you listen to the songs, they result to be very different from one another.

Who mainly wrote the album?
I’m the composer of all lyrics and music.

Are you going to release the materials soon?
At the moment we’re focused on live performances but we’re always at work on new material…we like so much writing new songs.

What are the lyrical themes and what are the band’s influences?
Everything around me, everything that can draw my attention or strikes me. We have no reference bands, we like various musical genres, from classical music to the most extreme metal….we could say we like the melody, nothing else matters.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We’re getting gigs in Europe, we have to finalize the final details.

A message for the people who like Soulspirya?
The only way to get to know us is to immerse yourself into our music and let yourself get carried away, enjoy the listening!

Thank you Nico for the answers, all the best!
Thank you so much for you time, Have a nice gothic day!

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