Interview: Firelord

Interview with Mario Bussini (vocals and guitar) about Firelord, Stoner band from Italy.

By Carla Morton


Hello Mario, how are you?
Hi, it’s a troublesome time. Hope I’ll get out of it soon.

When was Firelord formed?
Firelord were born in 2007 from the ashes of my old project called Saint Judas. After a brief experience in a Black Sabbath tribute band, I had the idea to found my own doom metal band, influenced from the Sabbath, of course, and also Count Raven, Reverend Bizzarre, Gates Of Slumber etc. Then I found in my drummer mate Giulio Buscaglione a good partnership to develop music less derivative than the original idea, but more stoner and metal oriented, and with the influences of our former bassists we kept developing a kind of personal sound, now more influenced from bands like Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin, and Black Label Society. 2015’s line up is formed by me, Giulio Buscaglione on drums and our new bassist Alessandro Ferrari.

 You have released this year an EP entitled ”Hammer Of Chaos”. Tell me about it.
”Hammer Of Chaos” is our third studio work. We decided to record an EP to concentrate ourselves in less music and increase the quality of the tunes by working very hard on it. I had a bunch of drafts that we managed for months before entering the studio, unless the songs took the perfect shape we had thought. I think the all EP sounds very fresh and various and is a good proof about how we increased the way we play and arrange our music. It sounds very direct and heavy, right in your face like we’re just playing live in front of you.

Can you tell me a few words about the other band’s releases?
“The Burning” was a little naive, but we did the best we could at that time. It’s very rock’n’roll and doom influenced. We’re still playing some of those tunes, I think there was good music anyway, and the critics were very accomodating with us. It’s a simple but good work and everyone liked it. Our first full lenght “Among The Snakes” took more than a year of writing and recording. It’s a long journey into our deepest fears and the strong mental disorder our society and lifestile causes in our minds bringing us down. It sounds more obscure and tunes are mostly full of a certain suffering atmosphere. The production was very heavy and well-finished, it’s got some nice piece of music we’ll keeping with us forever, some riffs and ideas will be not so easy to reach again.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
Due to some personal issues, we didn’t planned any show so far, but we will as soon as we can, probably in the very next months.

What are the band’s influences and what are the lyrical themes?
Bands influences are so various. Mine are mostly from classic Doom Metal, 80’s Heavy Metal, 70’s Progressive, Rock and Blues. Giulio and Alessandro have some different tastes, including some punk, hardcore, garage, and even trash and death metal.

Will you release new materials soon?
Not so soon, I think. Probably in 2016.

A message for the fans?
Sure I wanna thank everybody is supporting us in anyway by buying our stuff helping us to keep the project alive. I suggest to others to take a listen to our new stuff, specially, if they like classic heavy sounds they could find it funny and interesting.

Thank you Mario, cheers!
Thank you for the opportunity to talk about our music. Cheers!

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