Interview: Arsenic Unbirthday

Interview with Marya Mellow, vocals of the Post Alternative rock band, Arsenic Unbirthday.

By Carla Morton


Hi Marya, how are you?
Hi Carla, it’s all fine, thanks!

When was Arsenic Unbirthday formed?
Arsenic Unbirthday was born over ten years ago by two permanent members (Nick and I) and the other two that have joined the band over the years.Emmanuel, the bass player, is a key part of the band for a very long time, while Alessio has joined us only recently, but with a truly innovative contribution. So now I think I can say that in fact the current Arsenic are newly formed, in a sense… in a perfect, electrical and fraternal harmony. But I think that what we are now is the result of everything that comes also from our past.

This year you have released the EP via Epictronic records, ”Ravens and Writing Desk”. Tell me about it.
“Ravens and Writing Desk” contains words, music and arrangements that are so connected through the feelings, thoughts and emotions of each of us. It all started with a sound, a phrase, a vibration… and comes to life through the intimate communication of this strength and fragility. It’s like a long journey into our deepest fears, coming to life to be freed, but also exorcised… This music speaks about us, not the other.

Have you got nice reviews about the album?
We have had many positive results, we have pleasantly surprised. But we also had some (thankfully) sporadic harsh criticism. And this was to be expected, and I think it’s an opportunity to challenge us to grow. Anything can make us stronger and aware.


What are the lyrical themes and who mainly writes the lyrics?
I write all lyrics. But the words have meaning only when they are inspired by the music of Nick, vibrations of Emmanuel, energy of Alessio. And the class of Alex Stowe, who has registered with us this first EP. So, if we speak only about lyrics, I can confide that every song is like a page of a diary very intimate and suffered, where I can free up my shadows.

Are there any influences of the band?
I can tell you that of all the artists that we listen we can mention Steven Wilson, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Skunk Anansie … But also NIN, Dave Matthews and many more! Impossible not to be influenced by music we love, but what we do becomes necessarily unique and original, since it takes the life out of our different and personal alchemy.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We are taking necessary steps for it. I hope to give you some definitive news soon.

A message for your fans?
Stay tuned!We are preparing to share many emotions and new stories to tell!

Thank you Marya, cheers!
Thank you so much Carla, all the best!

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