Interview: Deplacement

Deplacement is a duo Dark Wave/Electronic project from Italy. Today is the Japanesse release date for the debut album ‘’Carousel’’. Here you can read an interview I had with Sill, one of the members, about Deplacement and about the new album.

By Carla Morton


Hello to you Still, how have you been?
I’m fine thanks.

Beside Levania, togheter with the bass player of the band you’ve founded a new project, a different style, a project called Deplacement. Tell me when this project was founded?
This new project has been devised with Andrew in 2013, so we decided to create “Deplacement”

You’ve released via Epictronic records the debut album entitled ”Carousel”. What can you tell me about it?
It was a wonderful experience, a very hard work, it was not easy to record this album,but the result is very good and I’m very very happy.

What are Deplacement’s influences?
Deplacement’s influences plunge their imprint in atists such as The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Bauhaus, Christian Death and Joy Division. Our music can be described as absolutely unique thanx to the touch of classical and powerful orchestrations.

There exist any lyrical themes aswell?
Our album is focused on the history of the Psychiatric Hospital infant Aguscello (Italy) where children were tortured by doctors. Their souls still roam within the walls of this building crumbling.


After this release, have you thought about future materials to be recorded?
Of course, we never stop writing music.

How do you see Deplacement’s future into the music world?
We are trying to create a kind of music that goes to be listened in the mainstream
businness music.

Do you have something to transmit to the people who enjoy and to those who will discover Deplacement?
Yes, soon will come the video of our first single on Vevo.

Thank you for your answers Still, all the best and cheers!
Thank you, cheers!

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