Music Review: Kings of Carnage CD: The Crimson Stone


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: May 14, 2015

Official Websites

Another review submission has come my way. This a band made of five ex-soldiers. I’ll confess, I was a little worried doing the review, as if the music sucked it seems like these guys would be quite capable of hunting me down and changing my mind. I’m quite relieved that such actions will not be necessary.

Many of the songs and themes are based around what the guys experienced being deployed in warzones, and this brings a passion and emotion to the music that other bands may have to work a little harder to achieve. Beyond the passion of the music, the guys have talent going for them as well. They’re not a hack band; they definitely know their way around their instruments. I also enjoyed the vocals, as Micah at many times reminded me of Luke Easter, who is a fantastic singer.

The guys of KoC also show their skill by opening track My Guiding Light with a beautiful acoustic melody. Solid enough that I wouldn’t have minded if they’d continued it the entire song. The vocals mixed things up as well, going from just slightly gritty, to growling in to the microphones. This is showcased in the CD’s title track, where the timbre of the vocals shifts to reflect one of the three viewpoints of the song.

It seems like there is a lot of great metal coming out of California lately. Kings of Carnage is certainly no exception and I look forward to future releases.


Micah McCullough – Vocals

Zachary Fenimore – Guitar

Jason Dutton – Guitar

Aaron Mercier – Bass

Nathan Kotur – Drums

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