Music Review: Witchhelm CD: Invocations


Available: NOW

Label: Wyrmwood Records

Official Websites:

When I saw that a band called Witchhelm had a promo available for review in my inbox I thought, ‘That is a cool name.  Let’s check it out.’  Looking a little bit deeper I noticed the band is from Ohio and plays some form of occult type doom metal stuff.  Again, I was interested as I like how the bands in the States interpret the horror and doom stuff so I checked it out.

Unfortunately, ‘Invocations’ never really takes off or does anything other than to sound very repetitious, with the exception of the song ‘Hollow Hills’ which is a bit doom-pop but catchy, the rest of the songs all sound like each other.  Or at the very least they don’t sound different enough from each other to keep me interested in them.  This is unfortunate as with song titles like, ‘The Cult of the Black Sun’, ‘Wytchwood’ and ‘Decendants of the Grave’ I was really hoping to hear some really awesome horror/occult doom songs with catchy riffs and interesting lyrical themes.  While the lyrical themes MIGHT be there I was so bored by the music I just could not get into the songs.

Witchhelm sounds a lot like a bunch of guys who get together, jam, have written some songs and are having fun hanging out and recording their music.  There isn’t anything wrong with that, in fact I think that is the root and core of what makes metal great but also the root and core of what makes metal great is a little more diversity in the songs you put out.

Hardcore fans of doom will probably really like this regardless of the negatives I listed but for others you might want to give a few songs a listen at the Bandcamp link above before you buy.

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