Interview: Autumn Death (By Carla Morton)


Hi Jakob, how are you?
Hi there! I’m okay, thank you. Wish I got a few more hours of sleep last night! Serious sleeping problems ain’t fun, I tell ya!

When did Autumn Death was formed?
I formed the band back in late 2011 as my solo-project, but, later realized how boring it would be to write all the stuff on my own even though, I write all the lyrics, I still co-operate with the second guitarist Rasmus to get a wider and more interesting sound. Which seems to work out quite well. ; )

You have released a self titled EP last year. Tell me about it.
Yes, this EP is probably one of the most important chapters in my life. I wrote the first song “Mors Prinicpium Est” at the age of 18 which was the FIRST real song ever to be written with this band. Ever since then, the train has been going on. Rasmus joined the band in 2012, we lost our bassplayer so I asked if he wanted to jump in for a gig and then he stayed with us. Me and Rasmus wrote the killer “blacky-metal” song “Tristia” where people seemed to be very fascinated about the guitar-solo in that song. Hm, I think I did a good job! (laughing) Then, we wrote the melancholic song “When Dark Days Come” which is a fantasy-based song about the eternal longing of death. The song became quite popular because of it’s dark-theme and depressing sound. The last song of the EP is a song that I’m very proud of it. It’s called “Between the worlds” and tells a story about a man who seeks for the real meaning of life but finds nothing but solitude, darkness and his own hollow heart. A very powerful, epic and yet sad song.

Are you going to release new materials soon?
Yes, we are releasing our new EP very soon!

What are the lyrical themes?
Everything from Personal Issues, Life and Death to Dreams, Autumn, Love, Winter and Space. The lyrical theme’s is something very important for me because it adds the flavor to the song and gives the whole picture a new sound.

Any influences?
Too many to mention.  When people ask me about influences I say “Everything and nothing”

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
So far, nope. We are focusing on getting our new EP out first and then next year we’ll hit the road!

A message for the fans?
Thanks for supporting us through water and flames! It sure means the world to all of us!

Thank you Jakob, cheers!

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