Music Review: Seven Thorns CD: II



Label: Sonic Revolution

Official Websites:

Look, a power metal band from Europe!  Well that isn’t really much of a surprise I suppose but what is a surprise is if you find one that sets itself apart from the other million. Luckily if you do find one of these bands they can really be something magical and unique and offer something great for fans.

So, we have Seven Thorns coming from Denmark.  A land known for King Diamond, Douchebag Danish Drummers with names like Lars 😉 and the guy who plays Hannibal in a TV show.

So how does Seven Thorns do as a power metal band?  Well if you like power metal they hit everything perfectly.  They have the double bass drums, the guitar virtuoso and a singer that has a wide range but not one that drinks helium for vocal training.  If you hate power metal then Seven Thorn hits everything perfectly as well, they have the double bass drums, the guitar virtuoso and a singer that has a wide range but not one that drinks helium for vocal training.  So when it all boils down at the end of the day, it is how Seven Thorns breaks out of the power metal mold or if they don’t

Upon listening to ‘II’ the verdict to me on this is they do and they don’t.  The band has all the elements to be a step above the rest of other bands of their kind due in part to their singer who has a very strong and likable voice, the guitar work and the songwriting.  However, the band does fall a bit into the trap of many power metal acts in that the songs sometimes overindulge and get a bit over the top or just go on too long.  I think this tends to lose the listener a bit.

However, there are several songs on this album that I thought were very strong.  One of which is ‘Queen of Swords’ which has a great mid tempo chorus and the other is ‘Redemption’ which has some great guitar and vocal work and is a great song overall.

If you are looking for some comparison to other power metal bands then Seven Thorns sound a bit to me like very early Nocturnal Rites and that is not a bad thing.

I think ‘II’ is a very solid power metal album and if you are a fan of the genre you are going to love it.  I also think Seven Thorns is a very talented band that has a lot of promise but feel they can still break a bit more out of the mold of what people define as power metal.  If they do this then they can really soar to new heights.

Also, they do a hell of a version of ABBA’s Momma Mia.

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