Interview: Jamie Lee Smit-Rock

Jamie Lee Smit, beside being vocalist of the Metal band Azylya, she has her solo band project as Jamie Lee Smit-Rock and she has released her debut album this year via Epictronic record label. I had the occasion to interview Jamie Lee second time, this time about her project.

Interview by Carla Morton


Hello Jamie, nice talking to you again, how are you?
Hello Carla! Thank you to interest you in my other project. I’m fine and I have a lot of work because we are composing the second album of Azylya and I have to promote, at the same time, my solo album.

Beside Azylya, you have your solo project. What can you tell me about that?
The label Epictronic asked me to make a solo album in my mother tongue, French. Of course, I accepted this great proposal. Riccardo Daga, who is my producer, made all compositions and I wrote the lyrics. It’s a rock album with songs in French and others in English. The music is very energetic and rhythmic. The lyrics are darker in general. The songs deal with different topics: thwarted love, loneliness of the soldier, the suffering of animals, rock stars died very young … The album was recorded at Studio Titan Labs in Ferrara in Italy in August of last year and the album was released March 30, 2015.

This year you released the album “ Mon amour Monique”. Tell me about it.
As said before, the album was released in late March 2015. “Mon amour Monique”,  the name of the album appeals to everyone. This album is a tribute to my grandparents and especially my grandfather passed away two years ago. A piece called “L’amour de Freddy.” Freddy was my grandfather and in this song he talks to his wife Monique, my grandmother that I have never known because she died very young. My grandfather was sad his life long and I saw for him his death as a release, the time when he would finally get his love back.

Have you received good reviews of this new album?
Yes, this album was well received in critical performed around the world. However people are surprised to discover me in this style of music.


Do you have other solo albums out?
No, I have no other solo albums that have come out. I participate in musicals when I was 13 which came out an album: “Big Bang Blues”. I participate in some songs and I sing only on a piece. The style was still very different because it was blues.

Are there any concerts confirmed for this year?
I’m in search of concerts. So far I have done two acoustic concerts in Belgium. I was fortunate to be selected for Franc’Off of Spa, a very big festival in Belgium. I played accompanied by 5 musicians. With this album, the concert research approach is very different and I started to also look for acoustic guitar dates / voice. It’s a new experience for me and I like it very much. So I’ll have acoustic dates on September 4 and 5, October 10 and 16 and also February 12. Other dates will be confirmed later with a group or in acoustics.

Some future plans for Jamie Lee Smit-Rock?
Normally a second album for Epictronic but first I will promote the first one and try to let me know a little in the rock world wich is very different from the world of metal.

Do you have a message for your fans?
I thank all the fans who follow me on my Facebook pages and concerts.
All these people support me years long, talk to me and allow me to continue my dream. Without support, I would be nothing. I also thank all the journalists who continue to write or be interested by me or my work… without them I would not either exist. And I also thank my two labels, my two producers and the different studios where I recorded. You are all wonderful.

Thanks Jamie, was my pleasure!
Carla, thank you for this moment spent with you.I hope one day we will meet!

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