Music Review Wolfheart CD: Shadow World

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Spinefarm Records
Available: 21st August 2015
So here we have another album that has a lot of great ideas, a lot of potential but also sounds very strange as well (at least to people who don’t listen to a wide span of death metal). It’s said that one of the members is a multi instrumentalist and I do have to give him props because in this record he demonstrates how good he is at it.

The guitar work here is quite special and for me it’s the best part of the album. The vocals sound very strange and uneven in a lot of parts, but then a lot of other parts it conveys a great sense of emotional energy and expression. Even if the words are hard to pick out you can really hear what is being expressed especially with the choruses and melodies. Through out various songs it has short snippets of different instruments such as acoustic guitars and pianos which adds to the emotional expression, although it will then go straight back to the heavy parts which takes getting use to really. My only comment about the drums is and can you guess it? Yes it’s gravity blasts! are they really needed?!  Alas I’m just getting annoyed over something trivial, it’s not all bad as the double bass parts fit in quite nicely too. On a serious note a few of the songs are a bit to lengthy. A few are the same length as a musical which wouldn’t be a problem accept it failed to keep my interest this time. Which brings me on to my next point that despite the occasional different ideas the whole album mostly sounds the same. The first half is better because by the time you get to the halfway mark it quickly becomes boring I’m sorry to say.
So this album is labeled as a death metal album but I can also here some folk and power metal influences here and there, I’m all for that and it gives it a some what new dimension. All in all I think this album has a lot of potential to do well and I wish the band luck to reach that potential.

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