Music Review: Stahlmann CD: CO2


Available: August 28th, 2015

Label: AFM

Official Websites:


               Since starting Skullbanger a few years ago I have been exposed to more bands than I can ever hope to cover.  At first I told myself I would try to cover so many bands per label/PR group per week or month…that notion was quickly destroyed as I not only got promos from the labels I was signed up with but also from bands or labels finding me on their own and sending me things.  So I was quickly overwhelmed and finally came to the conclusion, I will cover bands as I can and well…whatever band might be lucky enough to catch my eye.

Well guess what.  It is Stahlmann’s lucky day!   I got this little gem from AFM records and when I saw the band’s Mad Max inspired ‘Plasma’ video, I thought, ‘Hey that isn’t too bad.’  So I clicked my promo link and downloaded the ‘CO2’ album for a listen.

First a brief overview of the type of band/sound we are dealing here with here.  Stahlmann is, at their core, an industrial metal band.  Think of something along the lines of Ministry or Rammstein or even some Rob Zombie.  Now, I am not an expert in this genre of metal so I will not be familiar with some of this genre’s more nuanced areas.  But I can give a fair assessment of what I heard here.

SM_CO2_P01               At first listen I will admit I wasn’t blown away.  The ‘Plasma’ song is a great tune and I see why that was selected as the single for the album but the other tunes at first listen mostly didn’t grab me.  However upon listening to the album a few more times I was really impressed with what I heard on the album.  I can’t speak German so I really don’t know what the subject matter of the songs are but many of the songs have a great groove and hard rhythmic beat to them like most industrial bands will have to get the listener hooked on the songs.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the ending tracks on the album, ‘Der Letzte Tag’ and ‘Nimm Meine Hann’.  I was also very impressed with, I guess it is a ballad called, ‘Spiegelbild’ which was a nice change of pace for the album.

So while at first I was ready to dismiss this album as nothing special I was glad I stuck with it and gave it a good listen or two because it really grew on me and though I am not a huge industrial metal fan I really enjoyed ‘CO2’ and if you are a fan of industrial metal I think you should do yourself a favor and pick up this album and if you are a metal fan in general and are open to other genres then this Stahlmann is nice little surprise that you would be happy to give a listen to.

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