Interview: Upon Wings

Interview with Anne Autumn, the vocalist of the Rock/Operatic metal band Upon Wings.

By: Carla Morton


Hello Anne, how are you?
I’m doing well! Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this interview.

When did Upon Wings form?
The first song, “The Dream,” came out in 2012, but I actually had the idea for Upon Wings before then. That was the first official release.

You have released an EP entitled ”Afterlife”. Tell me about it.
Our “Afterlife” EP brought together so many great musicians. I was blessed to have an incredible lineup of talented people involved. The release wasn’t meant to have a theme, but it ended up following the same idea of feeling connected to someone or something far away, whether it’s a lost loved one or God or something else.

Did you receive good reviews about it?
Yes! I was so honored to get good reviews on the EP. Our songs were a little more operatic than is usual for a band out of the U.S., but people really embraced the sound, and I’m grateful for that.

Are you going to release new materials soon?
We’re hoping to get into the studio very soon and record some new songs. I already have some new music written, so now it’s about getting it going. I think the new songs will venture into new territory but will still sound like Upon Wings.

Upon Wings

What are the band’s influences?
I listen to many different styles of music, so I don’t know if we have a solid influence. Plus, everyone who is a part of Upon Wings comes from different musical backgrounds, although mainly rock and metal. Some of my favorites are AFI, Tool, P.O.D. and Linkin Park. I’m also a fan of grunge and metal, so I’m all over the board. Opera and musical theater also influence me. I grew up signing that music.

Any lyrical themes?
Yes, the songs on the “Afterlife” EP share a similar motif in that they’re about having the faith something you don’t see is still with you and giving you strength.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
Not yet, but it would be great to take these songs on the road. I’ll keep you posted!

A message for the fans?
I just want to thank everyone who has supported Upon Wings so much for being a part of this. I just had a birthday and was overwhelmed by the outpouring of kind birthday wishes. It was a reminder of how much our Upon Wings family rocks!

Thank you Anne, cheers!
Thank you! It’s been a pleasure.

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