Interview: Barbarian Prophecies

Interview with Oscar, the guitar player of the Spanish Death metal band Barbarian Prophecies.

By: Carla Morton


Hello Oscar, how are you?
All is ok, enjoying the last days of summer.

Tell me about Barbarian Prophecies, when the band was founded.
The band was founded in the early 2000,before the mix of two extreme metal bands of the city called Barbariath and  Venomous Prophecies. We decide to fusion the two bands to make a new project. The band had many changes along of this years,the current line up is:

Oscar : Guitars
Arnt: Guitars
Alice: Vocals
Julio: Drums
Manuel: Bass

”XIII” is the last release from 2013, tell me about it.
’’XIII’’ was recorded in Sadman Studios with Carlos Santos and mastered in Finnvox Studios with Mika Jussila, this album is the most lenght Barbarian Prophecies record and contains many differents inluences inside of metal in each song, you can listen fast and short song but you can listen long songs with multiple passages with clean guitars and experimental riffs. But ever with the old school death metal spirit.

Did you receive good reviews about this album?
Yes,the album had many good reviews between te people who like old school death metal.We are very happy with the feedback of the metal press.

What can you tell me about the other band’s releases?
The band have the following material:

Conquerors of the wolfthrone ( Demo CD 2002)
War is imminent (MCD/EP 2004)
War (Demo 2007)
Condemned land….the war beguins (LP 2009)
Remember the fallen (LP 2011)
XIII (LP 20013)
Remains of Existence (EP 2015)


What are the influences?
All the old school metal (Judas Priest,motorhead,Venom,Celtic Frost,,Destruction,Sodom,Death,Slayer,Kreator,Necrodeath,Sepultura(old),metallica(old),Dissection,Dismmember,At the Gates,Kataklysm,Cannibal corpse,Enthroned,Suffocation,Pestilence,Necrophobic,Incantation,NapalmDeath,Unanimated,Samael,Marduk etc).

Are you going to release new materials soon?
Yes. We’ll release a new EP on September (Remains of Existence) ,in Vynil limited to 300 copies.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We ever try to play all that we can,the following months we will present our EP on live.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Support the undeground scene ever,because is the only way to keep the real metal spirit!

Thank you Oscar, all the best!
Thanks for the interview!

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