Music Review: Lazy Bonez CD: Alive


Available: September, 25th 2015

Label: Independent

Official Websites:


Have you ever wondered what the 90’s rock music would have sounded like if the grunge movement never took off in popularity and what some of the bands coming out of the Sunset Strip era of the late 80’s would have evolved into?  Then Lazy Bonez’s ‘Alive’ is probably a pretty good example of what music and bands from that alternate timeline would sound like today.  With a bit of a European touch of course and more maturity.

Lazy Bonez is a band comprised of musicians from various other bands here in Finland.  One of the most notable members would be singer Tommi Salmela of Tarot and on this album his vocals and lyrical content really shine through and give the music a very intimate and magical touch and is one of the best highlights of the album.  ‘Alive’ is the second album from Lazy Bonez and while their previous album ‘Vol. 1’ was a very solid and good album, ‘Alive’ is a much more well rounded album and the members sound more confident in the songs they have written and put on this album.  I guess you could say that the band sounds like they have become more comfortable with each other and in the material they have put on ‘Alive’ because the songs are all very catchy, fun and very well structured.

If I had to compare Lazy Bonez and ‘Alive’ to any of the bands from the Sunset Strip era, lyrically I would say they sound a bit like Blue Murder and musically I think maybe a more refined version of Whitesnake or Dokken with modern day production values. Also, while not a Sunset Strip band they sound a bit like Journey…especially when they cover Journey’s song ‘Lights’ which is one of the best cover songs I have ever heard and Tommi does a fantastic job singing this song which is not easy as Steve Perry has one of the best voices of the classic rock era.

Another big difference I noticed with ‘Alive’ is that this album has a few more rocker tunes than I remember from the last album and some that lean a bit more to the metal side of things.  Especially with songs like ‘Last Rites’, ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Evil Mind’.  Also, as is the norm for European bands this album hosts special guest musicians on a number of songs, such as Tommi’s fellow Tarot band mate, Zachary Hietala doing solos on ‘Evil Mind’ and Bernie Shaw, vocalist of Uriah Heep, singing on ‘Devil’s Dice’.  These are only a handful of the guest musicians on the album that help make ‘Alive’ a very robust and enjoyable listenable experience.  You can find out some of the other guest musicians as a surprise when the album comes out.

When ‘Alive’ drops on the 25th of September make sure you get out there and show this band some support by buying the album and if possible going to a show when they play live.  Great album from a band that still knows how to capture that great rock and roll sound.

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