Music Review: Idlewar CD: Dig In


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: June 16, 2015

Official Websites


Lately it seems like every new metal band is trying to impress you with their blast beats and how much they can wow you with shredding a 7, 8, or even 9 string guitar. And it’s not that I mind that, as there are several bands doing that which are, well, impressive. Sometimes, though, you want things just a little simpler. And man, Idlewar fits right in.

Now don’t get me wrong here. When I say simpler, I’m not saying it’s somehow lesser. Think more raw and emotional. When you’ve got three guys covering bass, drums, vocals, and guitars I feel like you get something just a little more real. It’s something that I didn’t get tire of in the six (seven? More?) times I listened to this EP while doing the review.

I thought Dig In was a very well done album. Nothing was getting lost in the mix, and everything (drums, vocals, guitars, bass) was well worth hearing. The music seemed comfortable and familiar without suffering from “that sure sounds like so-and-so. It’s raw and aggressive without being angry, if that makes sense. It’s probably one of my favorite albums that I’ve reviewed this year. It’s well worth a listen for fans of classic hard rock and metal.


James Blake – Bass, Vocals

Rick Graham – Guitar

Pete Pagonis – Drums

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